To stimulate the love of spiders in Shanghai get rid of the problems included no ranking

1, perfect title, rational title

website, the content is numerous, have very good performance, even if you want to re do, boss also might not want to give up once the war, this time we have to do

still think: since love Shanghai included his own site, it shows that there is still a little trust, we have to do is to trust these expand, and then expand, let customers accept this is really the official website, Shanghai love will slowly increase your trust.

second, continue to improve the existing sites, promoting trust

first, register a new domain name to start doing stand

? love ShanghaiA large

this is no way to approach, do not rush to re station when a large increase in the contents of the article, carefully designed the site layout, it’s easy to say it’s hard to do, the company requires medical progress, not only in content, website machine-made, more is the website structure. Do the optimization of most of the friends have their own independent blog, think of your own blog not timely what weight, not much traffic, but in most cases the brand or the word "love Shanghai first, and then look at the medical website, timely is the name of its own hospital, all for you the site does not, therefore, do it slowly, like writing as his own blog, there must be some effect.

long time no write, really very busy recently, love Shanghai frequently update the grassroots webmaster is unable to cope with the baptism of love, big Shanghai due to various reasons, slowly began to relax the policy, I believe many of my friends of the site has been included, but also found that the owners happy sad, have included in this case no ranking! How are we going to go strong? This article is a little but the effect is very good, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the methods are normally not used in the website. I have used this method successfully saved 6 medical sites within a week, a single site on IP 100. Here are two ways you can ease the situation, the first is to do stand, as we have seen, many new sites included and rankings are very good; second is thought to stimulate the love of spiders in Shanghai, let it be your understanding of the old station, see below specific stimulation method.

(pictured: two months of new sites included 4, 1 weight to love Shanghai, I know a small area in only one of the main keywords love Shanghai index 65)

check your site title with normal optimization, there is no stack keywords suspicion, do not want to, the modified modification does not modify the useless any ranking, revise and how? Such as the recent hot topic of the medical good doctor Title: good doctor online, China largest medical website; of course we optimize most of the regional medical website, must not be so to write, such as the cloud web page title from "the Qinhuangdao andrology hospital andrology Medicine > _ Qinhuangdao best

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