White station group optimization techniques to share ideas

(resource website: providing information, resources website, ranking to easily retain users)

using the marketing website

is a prefecture level city provinces, where there are some famous scenic spots, is, that you feel that these words are not enough? There are some rhetorical words, such as: Yunnan tourism attractions in Yunnan where the most fun, what the best to see a series of user questions, also can make the long tail keyword.

core: produce different value or produce the same value of

the city has so many, the Internet can not spread to the place, a little slowly accumulated flow is great, so many provinces and cities nationwide, do local industry stand that is best to flow, such as: Beijing Shanghai, Shenzhen Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon dragon and other large Shanghai city certainly need such services, some comparison of life case, move move factory has a professional company, Turisthotellet reservation what have purchased online in advance.

)The establishment of

is the most obvious classification information network

types of scenic spots: snow (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Meili Xue Shan, Haba snow mountain (Karst) landform landforms, landform, karst wetlands landform) (Expo Park Park, Lake Park, Xishan Park,


building, city Shanghai Longfeng substation decoration company is divided into family decoration, the decoration of the hotel, villa decoration

area: Shilin, Jiu Xiang, Xishuangbanna, Tengchong, Lijiang, Dali, Diqing, Kunming, Zhongdian

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(Marketing Website: the commodity product sales website, to attract users to enhance the conversion of

famous attractions: Lugu Lake, Cangshan, Erhai and other wild elephant valley

to do the best is the 58 city and Ganji, and some industrial information network, the local information also has, for example: where are the factory recruitment network, is also sure to recruit people to do things.

station swarm optimization many people have considered the black hat, if most are profiteering industry, edge class keyword, content is not readable by the website, sprocket up rankings are not considered, the user experience is the black hat, but want to keep ranking is difficult, the search engine is to user search habits, rely on the link website, but not what the readability of things, think users will also continue to retain? Station group software are randomly collected, in fact stand group technique can also be applied to the white hat techniques, those large websites are not many website? Is it not station pattern?

to different users for the same userFor example:

resource web site:

tourism in Yunnan as an example:


content of Construction:

method: by resource website to attract traffic, traffic into

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