The novice webmaster do optimization can not ignore the details

and some Adsense exchange with their own on the optimization research, eventually finishing several novice website optimization often ignore the problem to share with everyone, as follows:

3, website domain name and server

website Vulnerabilities DetectionThe concept of

domain name and the server is the carrier web site, you should like home and free. Buy a domain name and server to find a regular IDC registrar, and check out the history of the domain name, the domain name is put into use. Looking for the hosting provider but not blindly pursue cheap, cheap goods is not good is the everlasting truth.

the early site also did not set the robots file, although love Shanghai on the site included large quantity, but which contains a lot of useless pages, and then set the robots file can shield the search engine grab does not want to crawl the page. But the robots file must be checked regularly, avoid man-made changes after the site was invaded.



many sites do not value the site map, the map of the site that doesn’t help, users can browse the website of independent, but the design of good site map is not only conducive to spider crawling, but also is convenient for users to browse the website, make better presentation.

website title and description is presented directly in the search engine results allow users to browse, the user is the first impression of the site. And the title and description is also helpful to keyword ranking. First determine the core keywords, and then construct the website title and description based on keywords. It is a simple description of the sentence contains the core keywords, highly generalization of the website and attract the user’s sentence.

a lot of websites to do pretty fancy complex, but for optimizing the fancy website not only has no advantage but not conducive to search spider crawling and user browsing. In fact, the best web directory has the advantages of simple structure, tree structure is the most love the spider flat. At the same time to the site within the chain, don’t feel that they are not important, in fact, imperceptibly plays a decisive role.

website optimization with the search engine algorithm progress become more sophisticated, many owners feel in the optimization of a lot of effort and do worse than others, but the distress in the optimization result is not ideal, even far less than others. This result is often overlooked because the details to the details of industry in Shanghai Longfeng is key to the success of the website optimization.

website vulnerabilities is after I entered the Shanghai dragon industry for two years before they begin to understand, believe a lot of new.

4, making the site map

2, the website title and description



5, robots document

1, the website structure and in the chain

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