Reasonable analysis of the degree of competition keywords to rank planning

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a Shanghai dragon ER in Shanghai Longfeng do optimization of time must know how to analyze the degree of competition keywords, the degree of competition analysis is an important link of the website optimization, as if a Shanghai dragon Er don’t understand how to analyze competition degree of key words, did not understand the Shanghai dragon people in Shanghai dragon industry many such people are to do with the feeling of Shanghai dragon isn’t reliable. So, the webmaster for the web site keywords positioning, must give the keywords competition degree are analyzed, so as to quickly get good rankings, there is a saying in Shanghai dragon industry, "than to choose". Below I will explain how to analyze the degree of competition in specific keywords, this is we supply as a reference, the reference to the site can really determine the key words.

search resultsKeywords

will be selected into the search box search keywords to search a number of results, the search results more competitive strength is greater, of course, the heat of the keywords is relatively high, if it is rarely the intensity of competition is not so big, some words is very popular. According to the scope of the search keywords out of the Shulailai planning competition, the search results in 300 thousand days, not what the degree of competition; the search results in 30-100 million, the degree of competition is very popular; the search results in 100-300 million, the degree of competition is high; the search results in 300-500 million, the degree of competition is the most hot; according to the keyword search results that the degree of competition, most of these data have seen some understanding.

according to the judgment the degree of competition is not the search results, we according to a plurality of data to know the degree of competition, keywords, we use the degree of competition on the other hand according to the keywords, I intitle: search results to derive the data to determine the keywords competition strength.

search results

search keywords out of site specific analysis, as long as the analysis of the natural ranking top 20. The analysis of competitors, the internal structure of the chain quantity and quality, the original, the web server is stable or not and so on, these are to be analyzed, analysis a good opponent we learn, not the good aspect, we need to improve. So to rival network >


bidding number

is now a lot of companies to advertise in Shanghai love promotion advertising, is in the search engine rankings quickly, this choice is a burn way to get the ranking, the major search engines are using this way to make money, do good to our regular website, this is a lot of competition the opponent. So in the analysis of the keywords competition dynamics is to look at the PPC number, if it is 10, then the competition intensity is still very large.

analysis of rival

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