Must know! The woman should not abuse this chest health network

has a healthy breast, not only a necessary basis for beauty, but also often one of the necessary conditions for women to live happily. However, in daily life, because some women do not care about health care, there are some blind pursuit of plump behavior, but led to the breast into the abyss, often hovering on the edge of the disease.

first, self-defense improper

mistakes: bra selection, wear

this is one of the most common Chinese women’s "not responsible for the breasts."". 24 hours to wear a bra, always let chest are squeezing and supporting the state, although had to admit that wearing a bra will to some extent reduce the chest sagging, but highly recommended sleep process, do not wear, otherwise the blood circulation will be very detrimental to the healthy circulation.

and women’s lack of knowledge about the effectiveness of bra, is also a big problem. Some people are saved, even if the aging of the bra, as long as can use, just stick with, actually in addition to deformation of the bra will destroy the chest shape, has no effect.

another person is the pursuit of beauty, while ignoring the wearing comfort and effectiveness, actually buy and wear bras have a lot of knowledge, if done well enough, you can immediately lift a cup.

two, "fire"


make mistakes: diet, exercise, massage

some people will be more strange, why do I go on a diet to lose weight, what did not see thin it, the chest first thin. In fact, there are a large number of fat tissue in the chest, if you lose weight quickly, and the lack of a reasonable rhythm, then on the one hand can not supply enough nutrition, the body will be a lot of collagen loss.

on the other hand, the rapid decomposition of fat will cause a sudden deformation of the chest, so that the body is not good-looking. Therefore, even if weight loss, but also pay attention to add some protein content is relatively high food, and can not be reduced too fast, or bad body bad.

secondly, because there is no muscle tissue in the chest, so some chest exercise does not promote the chest becomes larger, but will reduce fat, and make the chest smaller. We must choose a reasonable exercise, which can promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, which is very helpful for the chest shape. If it is a massage, it is necessary to choose the right approach, if the intensity is not appropriate, then it is likely to cause contusion and extrusion.

three, intentional murder

make mistakes: product, surgery, drug

first, because the chest physiological structure and other parts of the body are different, so can be applied to all products, and some can not be used in the chest, like a lot of body lotion, so unless the product marked on the chest to use, you go back to avoid chest when using body lotion, and the use of special chest products. And the chest is not to be horny area, maintenance methods and some similar to the neck, the same need for temperature >

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