Ali CEO Wei Zhe B2B three, four, two hole rate!

Wei Zhe proposed Chinese B2B industry history far exceeds the B2C business, but has not ushered in a large outbreak, a large factor is the law of development of the industry and the development of the real economy on the contrary, when the recession has B2B industry growth.

he also pointed out that B2B is the cake industry rather than making a cake, cut into the platform vertical industry must meet the "fight", "poly", B2B2.0 is a chemical reaction, the financial attribute is born, need to meet the "three poor" – regional difference, the scale difference and time difference; expansion needs to pay attention to the "four the rate of" coverage rate, conversion rate, repurchase rate, permeability. Finally, Wei Zhe remind B2B entrepreneurs do not fall into the "two hole" subsidy trap, only pay attention to KPI transactions.


is the following Wei Wei speech record:

leaders, peers, good morning!

I work in the Alibaba for five years, basically is also responsible for the business of B2B, leaving Ali after creating casaarte fund, we have 1/3 of the capital to invest in the field of B2B, is also engaged in B2B industry veteran practitioners ten years old driver, once the B2B party, and we must meet, share about ten years, especially recent experience.

B2B why spring is so slow?

Internet changes very fast, but just said BAT A Alibaba, started the business still existing, and also have a significant contribution to the business is the business of B2B, 1999 to now has been in existence for seventeen years, how many China Internet business model can last for seventeen years, so B2B is actually one of the most Chinese Internet application history, but why has not the very fire, in twelve to twenty-four months in the past, began to gradually received attention to capital.

The first time

environment there, B2B must be born in the economic winter, when the economy of the spring and summer of B2B have no chance, the real economy to the winter, B2B will have the opportunity to Alibaba each business level, are related to the environment in winter, the day let Alibaba B2B live is SARS, this time can not be met, not by plane can not travel, such activities conducive to the spread of SARS, SARS is not conducive to trade, so the Alibaba is a rare opportunity, but at that time, because of SARS brought inconvenience, then there is no way to do the fair.

B2B second important period of development in the history of Ali

, is the financial crisis in 2008, the foreign trade industry impact, so that a large number of foreign trade enterprises lose the good old days Hanlaobaoshou, have to embrace the Internet, just a few leading experts said the new normal whole macro economy, also is the macro economy will enter long winter, spring > B2B

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