Cheetah Fu Sheng entrepreneurship is the essence of looking for purple cow

[Abstract] in Fu Sheng, the essence of enterprise is to find the purple cow and achieve differentiation, All in minimalist, three principles.


Tencent science and technology news recently, specifically to do early investment in the capital of venture capital institutions held the first annual meeting held after the establishment of the capital. At this annual meeting, by the potential capital CEO Huang Mingming (micro-blog) invited cheetah CEO Fu Sheng (micro-blog) to share his views on the nature of entrepreneurship. In his view, the essence of enterprise is to find the purple cow and achieve differentiation, All in minimalist, three principles.

below is the full text of Fu Sheng’s record at the meeting:

obviously Total (Tencent science and technology note: Ming potential capital CEO Huang Mingming) let me talk about a business issue, I think for a long time. Later, I think it is better to use a relatively brief words to sum up what I want to say, what is the essence of entrepreneurship


yesterday and a reporter talked for a long time, he said recently I read some articles, which I cited Lei Total (Note: Tencent technology company chairman Lei Jun millet (micro-blog)) of the word, "don’t use hard tactics to cover up lazy strategy", a management syllogism I have referred to the "goal path resource". He asked, "why do you think so much about strategy and goals?". In fact, for entrepreneurs, the strategy is a very complex thing, and it can play a role in the end, what can be done, everyone has questions. He asked me why I think so much about the strategy these two years, and I said that there are two things that led me to think about the entrepreneurial strategy:

the first thing, because I am in the face of the difficulties faced by the business, and now think about it, it is not exaggerated to say that it is rare in the world bar!

on the one hand, we are a small team of seventy people with a team of about four hundred security team integration. The team has fifteen years of history, more than ten years of employees everywhere, more than half of the more than five years. When I went to the team in Beijing, Zhuhai, the management is very complex; on the other hand, we all know who is my opponent? He is the famous battle of the titans. The problem is that he attached great importance to me, when he knew the merger news, the Internet began my negative remarks, overwhelming. The most critical in the implementation of. What features do you launch, the fastest week, the longest two weeks of the opponent must have the same function, and then wrote that this is their first time. He was just listed, the momentum is fierce, almost bought all the traditional media, channels are all controlled. At that time I was scolded very uncomfortable. A reporter to interview, write an article, after the interview, do not let the hair editor. We can’t make a sound, the product has been suppressed.

do Jinshan, I have always believed that a truth: as long as the hard work, as long as the implementation, we will be able to find a chance. That’s what I did when I was 360. At that time, the Qihoo of more than and 300 people, more than and 200 people search, 4 people 360. Within a year, >

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