More than ten years of entrepreneurship, he found the confidence in the market sentiment

review: "remember many years ago and you hand in hand, you were shy to look up." Fun network founder Wang Weimin ten years ago to start the venture, with this song to describe the possible fit.

I dark horse Wang Jun January 29th reported

ten years ago, the concept of the market is not fun supplies, everyone the impression that this consumer formats has remained mostly in the narrow streets and alleys, a small window and the door of the inn "Adult supplies four eye-catching characters. People from time to time there will be in a hurry to depart the passing such shops, the naturally or half unconsciously glance at, but rarely stop, not to mention self-assured or supercilious in.

now, with the development of the Internet and people’s attitude towards sensitive topics such as gender is becoming more and more open, temperament and interest products industry has gathered drunk breeze, he is interested in a big ticket nuggets. Wang Weimin is the first to enter the fun of the nuggets.

born love toss

Wang Weimin school early, precocious than their peers, to buy a complete set of teenage Carnegie, read financial newspapers and periodicals, business owners are always talking about.

his mother is a teacher, his father has been operating in the local famous factory. Wang Weimin wanted to do something for himself. After graduating from college, he and a few students began the sale of agricultural products business. At that time, there is a friend of the factory, Wang Weimin is responsible for doing the general agent in Wuhan, the factory pulled the goods to Wuhan, and then push the product to the dealer to do distribution. Because there is no experience, the venture failed in 4 months after the announcement.

subsequently, Wang Weimin moved to Chongqing to find a job, when the communications industry has just begun to flourish, he entered a mobile phone wholesale company to work. But this work experience only let him secure about two years.

he has done a lot of projects, including ticket agency business and paint sales. In these two areas were found inside the wall, the opportunity has been divvy up, Wang Weimin quite lost.

thinking, he finally targeted online sell things, one is that the Internet is not very developed, he also love the Internet of things, entrepreneurs have a great chance; two is his brother to do research and development background, do not worry about his web design and technology.

but need to buy things to sell, especially if there is no local sources of funding will be greater. Wang Weimin was only borrowed twenty thousand dollars from home, a few times before the business is not very smooth, but also to the family of his venture a little skeptical attitude.

a chance, Wang Weimin saw a fun advertising. After a number of market research, Wang Weimin found that the profits of the industry is very high, a dollar can sell three or four dollars. More critical is that the competition is too fierce, through search engines, Chongqing only a few businesses advertise on Baidu, most of the online store, only a simple system, not much competition. < >

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