The dark history of Silicon Valley a company that defeated Jobs and played with Gates


beautiful and charming girl dress miniskirt, electronic engineers, exquisite printing exquisite products leaflets, luxurious decoration, publicity of this company from adjacent put up a pageantry, Apple Corp booth only a little popularity, Jobs can not do anything.

this is the place in 1976 Philadelphia computer fair on the scene, wearing open collar shirt, hair unkempt, bearded Jobs and Wozniak with their products exhibition. They had a simple booth: a small card on a small table covered with a yellow curtain, and a thin leaflet. As a result, people turned a blind eye to the company’s booth.

and Jobs have made the company unable to sense is Tom game (IMSAI), which not only had defeated early Apple Corp, also let the young Microsoft co-founder Gates had suffered.

students after startup

"well, I can’t do it!"

resignation letter rejection, William · Millard head also did not return to leave their own working company.

at the beginning of 60s, during the college dropout Millard was hired by the Pacific Finance Company, with self computer knowledge, performed well on the job, he looked forward to in the company have a better chance of promotion. One day, the company executives bluntly told him that his lack of formal education, promotion space is limited. Like a piece of ice pierced his chest, Millard was shivering, then turned from red to green, then became pale. After he calmed himself, threw the letter of resignation, with a sneer,.

Pacific financial executives have never heard of Ford Motor Co founder Henry ·, Ford said: "a man from the star prison or Harvard University, for me exactly the same. We hire people, not his history."

IBM extended an olive branch to Millard, who had been in the company for 4 years and then went to a government department in San Francisco to do an information. In 1971, Millard quit well paid and welfare work, set up a system named power company.

"genius is unruly, genius is flowing in the surging blood vessel, that tameless." Author Holmes wrote. System dynamics, the company developed a large computer software used by its competitors selected as the old club IBM. This goal is clearly too high, the results can be imagined, the system power company quickly closed the door.

during this time, Millard attended a training course, which is the original encyclopedia salesman Jack · Rosenberg had launched activities, there are hundreds of thousands of people to follow, the core content of the activities to build "a confident Pyramid for myself". Some media have dismissed the event as

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