Diligence is the most effective way to increase Taobao’s orders

Taobao customers are now in full swing, large and small sites are sparing no effort to promote their own Taobao code. Is fortune to do Taobao, I do not deny this, but why can some people and some people earning large quantities of gold each day, a few weeks there is no volume. I think it’s a matter of personal diligence. The following is the author of a section of the data to do Taobao customers, through this picture can be seen once a visitor on the purchase of three high commission goods, the author made a profit of more than 200 yuan.

believe that there is no friend must be very envious, want to know what my secret. In fact, the method of Taobao customers and everyone else, mainly rely on the website optimization, Baidu know and Search ask promotion promotion, as to why there is such a good luck, I want to thanks to their hard work.

take the simple Baidu know promotion, how many friends can resolve to trust a single product? I found a lot of friends love instant success, always thinking a few answers waiting for money coming. Such good who want to meet, but never realize. Do know there must be a Baidu occupy the courage to let oneself through the possession of absolute advantage. For example, the author in the promotion of a female supplies, spent a full 3 months time, and finally make the whole Baidu know is my world. So no matter how picky users, eventually will come to their site. The chances of generating orders are greatly increased.

also master a lot of love by SEO to Taobao customers, but many people are complaining that the conversion rate is too low, so I dare to say that you are the guest station is number not much. In fact, it is difficult to make the user’s pocket is good, want to encounter big customers can only rely on luck. Increasing the number of sites is the most effective way to improve the order. I have seen the use of a group of people to optimize the batch of L-carnitine word, making the first few pages of Baidu is his promotion code, the effect can be seen as a fool to make money. Of course, the use of software to do stand group has a certain risk, this approach has yet to be discussed.

the old adage: people not only see the kids eat meat, do not see the thief. When we see the number of people happy to count the money, do not envy envy, to see how much sweat behind them. Luck is someone who is ready, diligence is the most effective way to increase Taobao customer orders.

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