How to identify the liar Alliance

now share with you my experience in identifying the liar alliance, this experience is also learned from practice. Hope useful for everyone. The article is not long, but I feel very useful!

you in the website, Wangzhuan is unavoidable, the first site maintenance costs, what space, server, domain name, post office, station can rely on his clients sponsors such as advertising costs to maintain the operation of the site. General station, not only through sponsorship, general advertising to earn fees. The credibility of the advertising alliance is relatively difficult early.

grassroots Adsense early selection alliance will be very upset,

first: their own small scale, the general reputation of the advertising alliance does not cooperate with you.

(general advertising alliance is to rank 500 thousand in the Alexa)

second: liar Union, afraid to make money, the other said not to cheat money, even titles. As an individual, you really don’t have so many words to argue with him (


third: the big ad union demands high, and it is relatively easy to be rated as cheating (e.g. Adsense these)

fourth: the most afraid of practical joke mess advertising, users, it will deal with cheating.

in fact, I said that the identification of the liar alliance method is not difficult, the general cheated the webmaster, are caused by careless.

to talk about the credibility of the advertising alliance, he limited the user needs to Alexa Rankings, in general, is not up to the requirements do not apply, but others call tight! The reason to limit, is to reduce cheating, safeguard the interests of customers only advertisers.

here, I have a complaint about it, Google’s Adsense alliance, I earned 1368 yuan in the dollar (after the decimal point omitted), ready to settle the time, I put my account closed. Do not think that Adsense is very good, his management system is very poor, usually his technical staff XXXX. Or that sentence, no right to speak.

that big advertising alliance, the credibility of the advertising alliance can not be used, it can only choose the size of the small, requiring a lower league. But there are so many cheaters in this alliance. Now the real theme is to identify such alliances.

in the choice of advertising alliance, what do you need to see


first: Alexa ranking (can be seen in his scale, even the ranks of everyone’s League, ignoring the…)

second: PR… What is PR? Don’t understand their use Baidu Search. General large advertising alliance, PR is greater than 5, even if it is a small advertising alliance, at least it should be greater than 3. The reason why you press PR? PR is to see how many sites are linked to the site. General advertising alliance to hang the code, of course, PR>

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