Money is more important than SEO strategy ideas

most grassroots webmaster just started learning SEO, very passionate, SEO technology to achieve the degree of obsession. We dream some day in the future can be the next Wang Tong, the next Zac, however, the reality is cruel, when we see a lot of tutorial, or operate a large number of sites found, SEO way is not our imagination of so good. SEO is a technology, but also a means of promotion. As a SEOER, can choose to work for others, but when the boss no longer choose SEO in favour of bidding, you do not work anymore. SEOER can also choose to work for themselves, do their own products, do their own promotion. I (Zheng Qiuming) believes that this should be the direction of development and most of the seoer. SEO technology is dead, the use of SEO to make money to feed themselves is alive.

not much to say, using SEO to make money is to use the network to make money, there are people who can be free to operate SEO technology, and the need to invest a lot of advertising capital. SEO strategy is divided into several kinds of money, with Wang Tong’s words, selling services and selling products. I’m here to sort out a few more representative way to make money, sharing for your reference.

1, selling advertising, information

star class, young people in this type of customer base in the mainstream crowd. Consumption ability is very strong, the popularity of the Internet is also high. Young people to develop the market, you can start with this kind of thinking. Andy Lau’s fans network, search the first, the artist is rotten, the content is also very bad. A large number of links can be found within the site is a class of goods, such as signature posters, custom clothes, CDs, and some gadgets. I don’t catch a cold, but crazy fans can’t think so, this kind of site is little, do professional, the market is your. Don’t ignore.

Caipiao class, you can imagine most of the mentality of the people, the majority of grassroots webmaster like me, I think it is unreal, clearly know that the information is false, why spend hundreds of thousands to buy. An informed friend revealed that such a site, the annual advertising revenue can reach one million. The nature of the information itself is an important source to attract Internet users. And this kind of site, most of the professional SEO operation. Game SF class, the black chain of the world is the majority of SF, we can see the short-term operation of the most successful SEO sofa site. Of course, this industry is profiteering. SF is not legitimate, but do SF optimization of navigation or advertising will not touch the station. Your investment is not high, search the popular game, you will find that most of the SF has not entered the seoer.

personal blog home, home station will have a personal blog for the site is also a lot of professional. Foreign sites such as the way of profit is very direct, as long as you write the article, you will have advertising. Domestic stations seem to be taken directly, will not give the author, did not mention. The slogan is free personal space, free personal blog". Group >

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