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a, hubpages introduction

hubpages as Sina blog, but also a free blog hosting community, better than Sina blog is hubpages more open, more profitable than Sina blog. At the same time to write a blog, you can place the blog Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon, etc., and this is not the two way to gain an independent blog. Devhub is similar to this site.


two, free hosting blog relative to the advantages and disadvantages of independent blog profit

openness is a little, free hosting blog is certainly not as open as the independent blog. Most people choose free hosting blog, are valued their resources. Why do most of the famous people are willing to open their own personal blog in Sina free blog a large number of existing resources can not be compared to independent blog. In the Sina blog, as long as there is a blog post is recommended on the home page, then this blog is the basic number of visits. Independent blog, do not say is a personal realistic independent celebrity blog, independent blog, single traffic and thousands are rare. Moreover there is a little weight, under normal circumstances, the weight of free hosting blogs is better than independent blog, in addition to individual blog professional, it may be possible in the professional field of post ranking is better than that of free hosting blogs. Of course, this has a premise, Bowen quality and optimization are almost the case.

three, hubpages several points

1, almost all related to the search, tags is extremely critical, it is best to do with your blog related to write. I am professional strengths for such advice blog, do not speak generally. Professional blog does not mean that the technical text of the blog, but refers to the scope of the concentration of writing, can be a cat blog, can be a blog to write flowers, etc.. Of course, not related to illegal pornography, hubpages control in this area is very strict, occasionally playing touch ball or can.

2, hubscore value of the definition of hubpages is somewhat similar to digg, the higher the score of the site can get more display rate, and even get a chance to show on the home page. Many of the brush brush brush is up, although I do not agree with this method, but the premise to get a large amount of traffic only to rely on this method.

3, the exchange of visits between the previous blog is the most important source of traffic, never expect others to take the initiative to like your blog.

want to use new bloggers make money make friends, I suggest that you can use hubpages to practice hand first.

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