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Google Adsense Raiders google money to earn money to complete the whole article

      information on Google Adsense by three step design (QQ:8824812) finishing. The site does not guarantee that the contents of the manual is reliable, does not bear any consequences arising therefrom. Please be careful, if in doubt, to Google Adsense Google Group posted the inquiry or email ([email protected]) to the Google Adsense team for help.

what is Google Adsense?

      according to the Google website: Google AdSense is a quick and easy method of making money online, can make traffic has certain scale website publishers to show website and website content relevant to their Google advertising and website traffic into income.

Google’s advertising system has the following advantages:

      prominently displayed in the search results of the unique text ads.
targeted keyword not only improve the relevance of advertising, but also avoid wasting.
in advertising image on the Google homepage, click rate is 3~5 times higher than the industry standard.


      Google AdSense is a quick and easy way to get revenue, suitable for a wide range of web publishers. It can display the relevant Google ads on the content page of the site, and these ads will not be exaggerated eye-catching. Since the displayed ads are related to the content of the user’s browsing on your site, ultimately, your content page will not only bring you economic benefits, but also be able to enrich. Learn more about AdSense for content.

1: apply for Hl=zh_CN

application after the completion of the
GOOGLE will handle your application, you have to wait 1~2 days, if your site will send a letter of confirmation.

—————— my application letter of approval

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