For beginner thinking is more important than technology

the same thing, in the minds of different people, things are very different thinking. Stupid Wangzhuan network that the technology is not the most important, thinking than technology. It is this difference in thinking, leading some people to make money online, some people can not make money. Here are a few examples to illustrate the importance of making money online thinking, I hope to inspire novice, and began to deliberately cultivate their own thinking in this area.

movie Lust Caution that many people have seen, even as I did not read, but the middle of the most exciting must have seen. Even if you haven’t seen it, you should listen to it. Otherwise, I really have to wonder if you’re an alien. What this film is the most eye-catching place? I’m not the critic, I am just a layman, anyway, for me, it is a passion play. I believe a lot of physical and psychological normal men also have the same answer. Then, since the movie came out, search the movie download or watch online on the Internet has been innumerable people. Up to 200 thousand people a day. And so many years later it can be ranked in the forefront of Baidu search list, enough to prove that sex for people’s lasting appeal. In the face of such a film, 99.9999% of people want to go to the Internet to find the download address, download it quickly began to appreciate, and even worth collecting. Some of my female friends also said in the online search lust unabridged and hide, secretly watch in the dormitory. However, there are 0.00001% of people think is another thing: they think there will be a lot of people on the Internet search for lust, download, online watch, which contains a huge business opportunities. Then, he made a station, the title is called "free of charge, free download, online watch". And then through the SEO technology to the station to the Baidu home page. The content of the site is very simple, when visitors click online watch, the site has prompted the need to download a network player to watch. Instant mood hungry visitors, without any hesitation, can not wait to download the software. And then open, it was found to be a UUSEE or PI film player. The visitors were disappointed, turned a few words off and went on searching. What is this site in the end what is an effective download CPA ads. That is, each person once, he can earn about 2 yuan. Lust was the average daily search volume of about 100 thousand people, even if only 1% of the download, a day’s income is $2000. And this method has a strong replicability, all movies can do so. If You Are The One, IP, three shots. None of this, on behalf of the. Of course, I didn’t mean to do it all. In fact, I also despise this practice, because of the nature of fraud, pollution of the Internet environment, undermine the integrity of the rules. In this way, the search engine to search out the results of how much dare to believe? To give this example, just to illustrate the point, that is the importance of making money online thinking. The reason why the 0.00001% is able to make a lot of money online, because of its thinking

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