Unlimited advertising alliance is a liar, poison king!

      unlimited advertising alliance is a liar, poison king! A lie, the poison of the junk alliance, in order to let everyone believe me, I have to keep pictures of evidence. Through my disclosure, I hope to be able to make more new owners no longer deceived, I now officially released!!

      unlimited advertising fraud, is currently in the 51.la station in Changfeng advertising, the use of new methods to deceive people, first, second times the normal day to pay you, but when you begin to do it with advertising, it changed the date of payment, said weeks pay, but after never pay me, now there are more than 100 yuan did not pay, the owners of these hard-earned money to deceive us. The most hateful, their normal day display advertising, but one night, I am less than 2 points to sleep, I entered the site, Kaba has been ringing non-stop, my website hung poison, I thought it was a hacker engaged in it, has been in the investigation, finally found the infinite advertising poisonous king out of the ghost. It is the poison of the night, we care, that the yin! Yin! Yin!

    the liar network, has two stations, all on the baidu check on the cicadas, use the same procedure. The first one is www.8556.cn, the second is www.wuxiangg.com

    now I have filed a case with the police, hoping that more people will be deceived. Http://cyberpolice.hangzhou.com.cn/9seek/show.asp id=29192 this is the Zhejiang network police reporting center.

I keep the comments online:


do not want to say before you put ads on their
to seal

has two customer service phone, one is empty, one is shut down, QQ had never seen.

http://s.8556.cn/ unlimited   alliance; do not do so, they hit 50 horse and paid out and actually deducted 40 dollars! I’m in the screenshot to show you that he actually locked my ID! Such a liar we must publicize out can not let them bite the lives of those who serve the people of our owners! Brothers on! Rich money to force these alliances out oh!

http://s.8556.cn/ is a liar unlimited advertising alliance, as long as you apply for settlement he put you away with my account, a dozen of my friends are like this, please be careful, this liar union Budehaosi. Also please 51. This advertisement is removed, do not let the evil liar alliance here


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