Discussion on a new website profit model

286 practice, first introduce yourself.

first sales can also, later sold very little. First to build a forum for customers to solve some problems.

The first contact

later software does not sell, Chuaizhe and 286 all the same dream, take the difficult and tortuous road.

into business:

first do stop, think good advertising alliance, all the money raised.

to me, selling the software, if we had made a professional forum, now will be very good.

did not adhere to, always think advertising alliance Qian Haozhuan, registered a mobile phone film is 15 yuan, a customized ringing tone 8.

unexpectedly, further down the road……… Farther away.

you selling cards, is a sum of income.

is your idea of a little.

and the official website of the price difference is more. Look at the following contrast.

Kingsoft antivirus 2006 set boxed product list

includes: Installation CD, user manual, genuine user service card

boxed products please in the major software monopoly.

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