Electricity supplier entrepreneurship several errors there may not be sales flow

in the field of e-commerce practitioners and entrepreneurs in these years, continuous learning in practice and exploration, from my own mistakes and error correction and observation of other business success and failure, there are some insights and experience. With a lot of electricity business new business or is preparing to start the business of friends, we found that there are still a number of errors in entrepreneurship. I will share insights through this, can help you take some detours, is my blessing.

misunderstanding: as long as there is traffic, there will be sales

many people mistakenly believe that there will be sales flow. Yes, there is a saying that electricity supplier is is (Traffic the King), traffic is the basis of electricity providers, but do not ignore the importance of traffic quality. Sales = flow x conversion rate X customer price, traffic is only one factor. Conversion rate is defined as the proportion of customers to the site to the final order to complete the purchase, the customer price is the average consumer shopping from the site. Low mass flow conversion rate is low, and even if the customer orders can only receive gifts or just buy discount goods in depth, profit and value contribution is zero or even negative, the flow should be resolutely filtered out, don’t let the server resources, logistics and customer service. We have worked with a number of games and video sites, but the effect is not ideal, because the purpose of these sites is very strong user, is to play games and watch the video, not interested in doing other things.

has the quality to get traffic at this point, our approach is to refine the management flow of different channels, develop strategies and conversion of different flow rate of the target value, detailed analysis of flow characteristics of each channel is used to deal with the different marketing method. For example: portals, games, video sites are mostly used to do brand promotion; rebate website alliance to flow with promotional information contributed to the purchase, and the amount of the control network to reduce dependence on the center of the search engine category; or navigation website traffic to use search content, accurate the related recommendations, the rich social networking site conversion; we use a hot topic and the associated commodity use of word-of-mouth marketing to spread.

error two: good online retailers can also do a good job online

many people believe that the online and offline retail, but the channel is different, as long as the goods are good, where to sell. The difference between the two is very different. Offline and online retail all have their advantages and disadvantages, weaknesses may accomplish nothing if not. Under the line with the physical experience of the commodity, the availability of goods immediately, through the scene to stimulate the temporary impulse to buy, the clerk close service and other characteristics. Online retail has no store virtual shopping, with a large number of customer information precision marketing, word of mouth marketing speed and breadth of communication, not geographical, time and shelf space constraints.

here for example marketing. Most of the retail line relies on posters and print ads to promote the use of the store environment and sound, light, taste, etc.

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