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If someone says

before sitting at home can make money on the Internet, would you say that this is a joke, but now, relying on the development of the network, to make money at home is already "Wangzhuan gens" normal life. "Make money online" has come into our life. A lot of people will ask how to make money on the Internet? Don’t worry, I now talk to you about what to do online money in the end?.

I. online shop

I think a lot of people than I know, and now there are online shop Taobao, eBay, ah, and other platforms can be selected, which Taobao is doing a good job. Taobao’s online shop number of amazing

2009-09-01 Taobao shop 1499589, according to incomplete statistics, more than three drilling and more than the seller accounted for about 16.

so many shop, so many competitors, ready to open shop if you consider this? You supply where? How to ensure the quality of your products? How do you promote your shop? All these questions need to be solved before you shop. If you want to, then don’t hesitate to go to the shop.

shop so prosperous, with the business bigger and bigger, many shopkeepers alone can not cope with a large number of customer consultation. Thus, a new career was born – shop customer service.

shop customer service is to help the owner of the site received the customer consultation, to provide customers with detailed information on goods, as well as order processing and other related work. Taobao recruitment forum, for example, opened only a month’s time, there are nearly 5000 Taobao shop issued a recruitment online customer service requirements of the 10 thousand. This work not only provides network service for employment, for practitioners of regional appearance, there is no requirement of invisible, reduced employment conditions, and also to provide employment opportunities for some disabled people.


value – the wisdom of Witkey

"Witkey" is that the two very popular words, to help people design, LOGO website; others take the name, write the plan; rely on the sale of their own wisdom to obtain income, this category is called witkey. In the well-known Witkey website, you can find a variety of Witkey task, design, creative, labor, etc.. For example, to help a company design LOGO; to help a child named, simple point of the task reward in 50 – 500 or so, and more complex, professional tasks, such as helping people to create a website, the remuneration of up to thousands or even tens of thousands. Witkey in those with technology, a platform between the creative people and enterprises, enterprises through the Witkey publishing tasks have more choices at the same time reduce the cost, and they get Witkey lucrative opportunities.


in the Internet writer walk between the text

every day in front of a computer keyboard, is the main work of the Internet writer code. Through the network will be published on the literary website, and web site to share the user’s reading fee

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