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boats, had been not regularly to share foreign Wangzhuan experience, because of the recent and several foreign friends to carry out a number of cooperation, busy all day to technical and commercial account, plus a few places to go back and forth, it has not come to meet you. Every day with friends a lot of boats, no matter what kind of friends are not enthusiastic reception, after all we know is fate, maybe one day the two sides will have the opportunity to cooperate.

some time ago there are two foreign Wangzhuan very good apprentice opened foreign lead studio, Dumbo is also with the help of a few days. Studio in the early stages of the operation of a number of small problems, and now have been straightened out, during which there are some experience is worth planning to set up a studio or open the peer friends learn.

first is the key strength of both sides, suggesting that the two boats gap is not too big, the monthly income of 10000 thousand knives and knife cooperation, this year is likely to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled the strong and the weak, the cooperation is rare, people understand. Fly the two disciples, one for the European Union, in May this year when the income is close to million euro, another major league of US, monthly income is 5K knife, little difference in the level of two people, can also integrate complementary resources.

second is the distribution of benefits and responsibilities. According to the experience of flying advice is early start partner is best not more than 3, unless there is a well recognized backbone, otherwise many views are difficult to reach a consensus, resulting in decreased cohesiveness affect the morale of the studio. In terms of responsibilities and interests, make clear the responsibility of each person in advance, for example, one person is responsible for leading the team to test the resources and project development, and the other is responsible for the account application and the amount of existing resources. For each person for studio shares should be stated in the contract, is generally in accordance with the investment proportion to calculate, sometimes consider shares, if the withdrawal can only return original shares. This is very important, if bigger and then ranked on the capital, often hurt even Juren loose money.

third is recruiting. Don’t move too much at the beginning of the studio, a business, a technology, two basic enough toil. Responsible for business communication with foreigners, in charge of technology and automatic tools for batch program development, is mainly responsible for the tasks of toil.

fourth is the management and strategy in the process of operation. The studio is open, there must be a clear positioning and a strict management system for the studio, so as to build a strong team, these aspects to learn some management books, learning. In short, the opening of the studio on the exercise of people is actually very large, any company is basically a small studio to do up. Also the studio will expand to other business based on the stability of the project, these services can be their own study, also from the peer communication, the team had to expand the project is still very easy.

well, today’s foreign Wangzhuan basic knowledge to share here, the foreign interest can go to my blog.

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