Famous website taobao.com Amoy owners you know

Taobao passenger launched in 2007, at the beginning is not known for personal webmaster, until 2009, Taobao passenger heat peaked, various industries, various forms of Taobao customers have emerged. Mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore of Yangtze River, bring forth the new through the old, and after 1 years of development, now to December 2010, how much Taobao off site to stabilize, how many station can bring considerable income for personal Adsense?

has a guest station, is popular, generally it is the nature of the forum, through the website Taobao gathered a group of buyers, to provide useful services for them, so as to achieve the purpose of profit. For example, some commodity evaluation, Taobao store evaluation in the form of Amoy forum. There is a return to the present class station, also gathered Taobao buyers to achieve the purpose of profit.

here we only introduce another station, it is the use of SEO technology, through Baidu, Google and other search engines pushed to the front of the user, then buy the profit. To the website to show in front of the user, it must do SEO optimization, so a user searches for a keyword when the station can be ranked in the search results to the front, users can browse; to users browsing the website can generate purchase, we must do a good job in the construction of website, presented to the user useful information. The former is necessary, and the latter should be combined with the former (ie, SEO optimization) to organize.

it seems that relatively good earnings station must do the above two points, namely SEO optimization, website content is good. Back to the topic of this paper said the following topics: what Taobao guest website is more famous? I am also a guest webmaster, has been trying to operate their own station, recently used for a period of time from Baidu, Google collects the various industry famous guest website, and are arranged in a separate page on Taobao http://s.taobao581.cn/tao123 (guest site navigation). This station is not complete finishing clear purpose, mainly is to provide guidance to their guest station, after all, collect the station are very successful (long occupied the search results before several), look at these sites is how to research, how to build the content, such as SEO optimization, from sure to find it on useful information.

is now Taobao off site personal webmaster must also very much, hope that through this article I sort of Taobao off site Daquan recommended to the webmaster, please colleagues see more famous guest website is how to make the best analogy, let your station also do very successful. My qq:386388440, I hope to communicate with peers.

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