Baidu alliance to push the effect of paying CPA advertising platform

August 6th news, after more than 2 months of trial operation, Baidu alliance officially launched today, according to the effect of pay CPA advertising platform. Currently, there are 9 brands, including Dangdang, Skype, including advertising, is being pushed through this platform to the Baidu alliance, the members of the more than and 20. Baidu alliance partners can choose to display their own related advertising, in order to get more revenue.

credit system to promote the healthy development of


paid by the effect of CPA model has been the focus of various types of alliances. In this business, advertising, user clicks are free of charge, only the creation of a registration, download, or with the sales behavior, telephone visits and other practical results, the need to pay.

in fact, CPA’s advertising model, in the years of development, has been accompanied by advertisers and various types of alliances between the game. Baidu union development department director Zhou analysis said: "honesty is a lot of alliance to carry out CPA business weakness. Cheating on the site will damage the interests of advertisers, advertisers do not timely settlement, will harm the interests of the site. There is no integrity for the support of the alliance, the development will be more and more difficult."

The quality of

for the protection of resources, Baidu alliance in the last year that launched the "alliance certification system", the integrity of the alliance, members of the site of green security, brand awareness and reputation indicators and certification assessment, crack down on cheating, to build up a sound credit system, thus for CPA, the development of a solid foundation of the advertising model.

brand advertising alliance member revenue

this time, Baidu Alliance launched CPA advertising platform, is to provide high-quality advertising for the alliance partners. In order to protect the benefits of the alliance members, Baidu alliance in the choice of advertisers on the strict screening. Strengthen the strength, integrity standards. "We take a series of measures to ensure accurate monitoring, timely settlement," Zhou said: "a good model should be protected."

Baidu alliance in April at the alliance summit, has clearly done "solution provider" development ideas, launch CPA platform, provides a new income model for alliance partners at the same time, the CPA platform focus on pushing the brand advertising, it can also promote the website partner marketing grade.

It is reported that Baidu

, CPA advertising platform has been running for more than 2 months, the result paid by the advertising model, by,, Kingsoft, Skype and other advertisers support. And a lot of alliance partners, which also hold a positive response attitude.

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