B2C how to deal with the post financial crisis Era

recently, the major media in the inventory of 2009 China’s economy, always like to use China’s rapid economic recovery, the market confidence in the overall recovery of the word. But in fact, it is apparent that the financial crisis affects the depth, scope is There was no parallel in history.. Because it is a structural economic weakness, rather than the stage of market adjustment. Therefore, many people think that the current economic situation as the "post financial crisis era adjustment stage" is more appropriate.

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in the "Post Crisis Era", China’s B2C industry has done well in the past year, even with the "money" to describe the gratifying scene. According to the relevant data show that in 2009 the annual total e-commerce transactions for more than 2 times in 2008. The number of e-commerce industry maintained a rapid growth, as of December 2009, the total number of e-commerce sites reached 1.56 million, an increase of 32.34%, the number of B2C exceeded 9400, up 43.79% year-on-year.

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09 in the first half of the financial crisis and the market rebound in the second half, the domestic B2C will produce a good answer. Next, how to deal with the whirling of the post crisis era of


"is often the most simple pattern is the most effective" domestic vertical portal FACE female makeup dot nets president and CEO Hu Fei said, "at the same time to increase profits by reducing the cost of the catalyst, then add a little innovation, is so simple". As those who led the team from the start empty-handed less than ten, beauty products began to get involved in the B2C industry, now become the focus on young fashion groups of women, including wireless Internet information and Internet advertisement and female commodity online ordering service providers. Hu Fei as a successful member of this group of Internet goers, full of confidence in their future development of enterprises.

control costs, all B2C practitioners must have a required course. Faced with the crisis after the Internet economy, every B2C companies should try to start from the cost of control, from the source to expand their product advantages. Decorate the network relies on the successful promotion of energy-saving is the accumulation of a large number of B2C experience, including reduced design and production, marketing, logistics and other aspects of the site operating costs as much as possible. At the end of the year and boldly launched its agent women bags brand C& T gutti. As the domestic OEM companies working on behalf of the international brand handbag, through the production line and the localization of raw materials, greatly reduce production costs, increase the price competitiveness of the brand, perhaps this is the reason to bag price pressure to about 300 of the leather.

in logistics management and distribution costs, may be limited by various objective conditions and the domestic industry foundation, decorate network’s two brands of energy-saving and C& T gutti distance foreign first-class supplier of B2C there is a certain gap. Foreign B2C companies have mechanized pipeline penetration to >

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