Amazon China released a new model of overseas purchases of overseas goods 3 days to

August 13, 2015, Amazon Chinese released overseas purchase · in Guangzhou; flash sales service, Amazon officially announced that consumers can use competitive price to buy high-quality authentic overseas, an average of 3 days can be served buyers.

in addition, Amazon’s overseas purchase year will be in full optimization from the Amazon website commodity purchase overseas customer experience, including the unified account login, shopping cart function optimization and localization of various payment methods, and selection of sources will also present from the United States to expand the Amazon Amazon Europe and Japan and other overseas sites.

then Chinese Amazon CEO Ge Daoyuan accepted the media interview, in the interview, Ge Daoyuan of Tencent said, now Chinese enterprises are from China manufacturing transformation into China brand, five or six years ago Chinese almost everything with cheap together, and now many China enterprises have excellent quality and price advantages of the products. Consumers in Europe and the United States are beginning to think that China will also have high quality products.

below is part of the interview record:

reporter: after Ali and Suning cooperation, Amazon China strategy will change?

Ge Daoyuan: I believe that a lot of people have already commented on this kind of investment. I don’t have any new supplement to the existing comments. All along, Amazon China’s attitude is unchanged. Of course, we will continue to focus on competitors, but for Amazon China, the most important is the development of their business, especially how to better focus on our customers, understand the customer.

reporter: now has a free trade zone in Xiamen and Shanghai, in these two free trade zone, the communication between the government and Amazon have encountered difficulties? If yes, the problem has not been resolved?

Ge Daoyuan: Amazon China is currently negotiating with many government departments. There is a market trend, that is, cross-border trade, especially cross-border electricity supplier, we believe this is a two-way trade. On the one hand, China customers can get more Chinese introduction of overseas goods, on the other hand, there are more Chinese businesses to go out, this is a new field, is very complex, facing all kinds of problems, such as logistics, tax and so on. But so far, the information we have received from the Chinese government is very encouraging.

reporter: Amazon do cross-border electricity supplier so long, including trading volume, trading volume, the price and the cost of access to the user data, or allow users to overseas purchase this channel to buy what is the cost of


Ge Daoyuan: Amazon China overseas purchase is officially released in November 2014, so far, has been in the past 8 months, for our overseas purchase business growth is very satisfied. The reason why we started Amazon China overseas purchase is to make China consumers access to quality assurance, supply the brand products. In the overseas purchase.

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