Business platform has a bright prospect of dragons and fishes jumbled together.

in recent years, with the growing development of electronic commerce, business operation has entered the mature period, especially since the development of the electricity supplier in 2014 blowout and expansion, the line under the brand electricity providers have not Anna watase, are on the line, to share a cup of soup.


to say mature electricity supplier is in the operation mode of the mature, but to say that in the entire electricity supplier business models mature it is still too early, I think the chiefs also dare not say Ma Niu their business platform is mature, although already on the market. The next line of the brand to join, will undoubtedly make the online brand more prosperous, more competitive, the prosperity is the growth spurt we said, the strength of the line under the brand choice of self, weaker chose to join the platform, is the real reason they only confirms the sentence of Ma Yun if you don’t do business now, it is really late!

seems to have a horse from A to Z is a prophet, of course this is a myth to describe, but this description is justified, because Alibaba can go today, old horse shows the wisdom and foresight, he is very clear what is the future of the electricity supplier, we should take what kind of road. So, a horse is often like a genuine truth is verified one by one, the mythical people regard him as a prophet.

The electricity supplier in the world seems to be out of order

dragons and fishes jumbled together, but if you give him a map, actually the contour is very clear, very clear. Fall into the electricity supplier in the world, have been quiet money business world raged for each flow, for users, let us dizzying variety of publicity, advertising everywhere, this is what we called the dragons and fishes jumbled together.

so mixed world, everyone in the soup? The answer is yes, no one is willing to do lose money trading, the world is big, way of doing business is not unique, not to earn money Gansu money? People often say that a quarter net lost several billion and so on. The letter, or not, or even the letter! How to set up? The reason is very simple, as mentioned earlier, the electricity supplier operation mode is mature, but the development of the electricity supplier is not mature, earn money, earn money, all in an effort to move forward.

a horse mall laid a Alibaba three points in the world, about 120 years spanning three centuries, if the business is so simple, Ma early retirement. Why bother playing his own face? The future of the electricity supplier is outside the commercial mode of operation after the maturity of expansion, we bold speculation, pure business models will likely begin to break down, with the emergence of O2O, intense competition for business and sales of the line seems to have some relaxation, ease many of the electricity supplier can not achieve a complete the goods, such as fresh, live poultry, etc. these services need the help of the next line of business to complete the business model will appear, there may be a resource integration, the integration of resources will be a lot of people go to the cake, more and more


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