Want businesses to sell things in the platform Jingdong found third party audit

recently, Jingdong in the seller’s forum issued a qualification audit outsourcing project on-line announcement. Announcements, starting tomorrow, the business settled in Jingdong qualification audit will be handed over to third parties to do, including but not limited to businesses settled qualification, brand qualification.

before that, third party merchants settled, the audit is responsible for the investment department of Jingdong. A businessman who wants to settle in Jingdong, the need to submit the relevant information through a special system, signed an online service agreement, after the audit, the business platform to pay fees, margin can be opened. You search in Jingdong who come from the XX flagship store rather than Jingdong proprietary goods, are settled through the process of Jingdong platform.

The change of

is mainly in the aspects of the audit, responsible person told the "Daily" curiosity related Jingdong, this will be settled qualification audit entrusted to the third party organization, by merchants for one-on-one guidance, to ensure the audit time, consistent with other links before.

but for sellers, the most important difference may be the cost, businesses need extra payments to the third party audit fee, each new settled merchants need to pay the audit fee of 300 yuan, the store under every new brands need to pay more.

this, we also consulted other platforms. WeChat No. 1 shops will be handed over to the third party certification audit, audit submitted are required to pay 300 yuan / times the cost of Alibaba, the relevant responsible person said that the current Tmall settled qualification is their operation, not to the third party qualification, this link is free of charge.

not long ago, Jingdong and Mccauley, and just Hengda, music language and other digital retailers signed a strategic cooperation annual 8 billion yuan, and be regarded as "from the retail channel to the platform service provider role change".

Revenue earnings conference

in the first quarter of 2016, Jingdong chief financial officer Huang Xuande said, the Commission is the first big source of income for Jingdong service business, advertising revenue ranked second, third major sources of income are Jingdong to provide to the third party logistics service businesses. The analysis results of the most recent quarter, Huang Xuande revealed that the number of Jingdong business platform close to 2 million, there is still room to grow, and ultimately from the third party business accounted for revenue will reach at least 50%.

now, in order to quickly complete the qualification audit settled businesses, Jingdong will give this link to the third party. In the forum bulletin Jingdong sellers, many sellers put forward some questions, such as the new year has settled the business quality inspection report whether also to the third party, qualification verification processing submitted last year, the Jingdong has not made official reply.

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