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filled with "micro business goddess" and "derivative Master", Li Meng should be called the founder of derivative. Just graduated from 2012 began to use WeChat, micro-blog to sell products, she believes that the "service type micro business that has real value and sustainable development, and these micro providers also need to rely on a supply of goods and service platform.

in the past two years, there are a lot of "micro business platform" was born, Li Meng settled in the identity, she traveled to experience a different platform, different platform characteristics, the final conclusion is that now most of the micro business platform is a pseudo micro business platform, the reason is the platform for brands and interests the micro are not guaranteed, and some are even against the business logic.

so Li Meng decided to "own", to create a service in the micro business group platform. Solve the supply, profit, source and a series of problems, the most convincing point, I can teach you to sell adult supplies." Li Meng confidently told billion state power network.

micro business platform for her to begin preparations from early 2015 to early April, team building, on-line in early August. Within a month’s time, in the absence of any promotion, the accumulation of 500 micro shopkeepers, monthly water reached 400 thousand.

day before, Li Meng to billion state power network introduced the entrepreneurial mind, trying to solve the problem, and the specific operation logic of derivative products, the state power grid are summarized as follows:

from personal micro providers to platform providers

since 2012, I began to use WeChat and micro-blog to sell products, may be the first micro bar. That time is not the concept of "derivative", is for my own use a weight-loss products better, I consulted the factory, he told me if I wholesale, retail is much cheaper, so I went into the thousands of dollars of goods, and then through and micro-blog started selling products.

at the beginning, I also do not recruit agents, that is, all through their own marketing activities, as well as their own connections to retail products, do more than two months, retail revenue to about $thirty thousand or forty thousand. Later, I began to recruit agents, and then to their own brand, which is a small agent into a brand, direct selling their products.

until this year, micro business is known, now we understand the micro business is the development of assembly line and poor quality, reselling MLM a group, and these problems are indeed on the now large scale micro business there. The reason is in fact the derivative industry does not have a platform for supervision of audit institutions, resulting from the initial derivative is mainly want to make money through marketing, sales and service of the people, and later became the "nobody tube, make a fortune" speculators paradise.

but I have always recognized the value of service providers, and that the service provider is the real micro micro business, therefore, I hope to do a service provider micro (I put him

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