Research Report on Chinese nternet users’ e-commerce behavior


report background

network is an important channel of product sales promotion, with low cost and high efficiency, directly facing the channel advantage of consumers, in the crisis is more and more traditional enterprise cognition, the crisis has spurred the further development of electronic commerce.

in 2009, affected by the global economic crisis in 08 years to start the second half of the online shopping, the further development of domestic B2C, C2C services have better performance; enterprises began to cut costs, and began to get involved in the further development of the electronic business marketing mode from the traditional marketing mode of the original, e-commerce has become an important means of many enterprises the plight of the.

e-commerce is a new network of economic activity, with hitherto unknown speed rapid development, has become the major developed countries to increase the competitive strength of economic, effective means to win the global allocation of resources. E-commerce can effectively save costs for enterprises, so that enterprises more competitive, especially in the current global economic downturn environment, e-commerce can reflect its unparalleled advantage.



Chinese is a developing country, as of the end of March 2009, China users reached 316 million, Internet penetration rate has been higher than the global average. Chinese Internet users across the United States, the world’s first.

research methods

1.20 e-commerce or e-commerce related websites for the 09 quarter of the first quarter

2 data released by the government or well-known statistical agencies

3 enterprise data access

applicable crowd

1 e-commerce related learning and research, such as teachers, student government

2 data analysis agency B2B, B2C, C2C and other e-commerce sites

3 e-commerce related software development, services, consulting institutions

concept definition:


(Business To Business) refers to a market area. A kind of Marketing Domains, refers to the relationship between the enterprise marketing. Electronic commerce is just a concrete manifestation of modern B2B marketing.


(Business to Customer) B2C B is Business, meaning that companies, 2 is to C Consumer, a homonym, meaning consumers.

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