11 report Tmall is the most expensive Suning cheap


technology news news November 10th, the largest annual electricity supplier promotions will be officially started tonight, business research firm iResearch released the "2015 report" double eleven online shopping price, November 7th -11 month 9, the electricity supplier platform to carry out the dynamic consumption data of pre-sale and the whole network neutrality monitoring based on the results of open commodity price trend double the eleven brightest electricity supplier behind the tyrannical fight. The report shows that Tmall is the most expensive, followed by Jingdong, Suning cheapest.

according to the introduction, in order to provide users with the most direct double eleven shopping, iResearch the extraction of household appliances, 3C, food and beverage, a beauty care makeup, maternal five standard model category, divided into communication, computer, digital, air conditioning, mother, beauty, black, refrigerator washing machine, supermarket, department stores, kitchen appliances, household appliances 12 product lines; each product line from each of the hottest brands and TOP10 models of product price tracking, and set the price index.

The monitoring results of

Ai Rui Advisory traffic display, home appliances, 3C, mother of three categories, Tmall prices are the most expensive Jingdong, secondly, Suning in the cheapest; a category, the Jingdong is the most expensive, the cheapest Tmall second, suning.

double 11 respondents in the consumer, the intention to buy clothing bags accounted for up to 68.1%, 3C appliances accounted for up to 57.2%, skin care accounted for 49.3%, maternal and child 44.7%, wash hair conditioner, household cleaning 29.1%, food and beverage 24.9%. Frequent parties in the context of tyrannical giant Tmall, Suning, Jingdong, three large platform traffic has increased significantly.

Ai Rui is expected this year, clothing big, 3C electronic products to follow the new trend of daily life FMCG consumer trends.

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