Web2.0 era of e-commerce in 2010 still need to open up new markets

in the financial crisis storm, Web2.0 emerged after the entrepreneurial boom ended abruptly in 2009, the user on the market, only a handful of new applications popular; the capital market, investors flocked to the scene is no more. PT37 intelligent e-commerce information platform is the first Chinese to WEB2.0 for the development of the concept of the Internet e-commerce trading platform, application and service in the development of the Internet and other technologies, makes the enterprise at the heart of the enterprise whenever and wherever possible, information management, information technology, e-commerce market and trading. The prospect of the Internet in 2010, due to the impact of the financial crisis is still in, and the competition is very full, the Internet industry the possibility of cross age popular applications is very small, so the major Internet Co will continue cultivating the existing business to open up new markets to enhance the performance of.

China Internet Network Information Center released data show that as of June 2009, China’s online shopping users reached 87 million 880 thousand, an increase of 24 million 590 thousand people, an annual growth rate of 38.9%. According to its estimates, in 2009 the total amount of online shopping for the first time more than 250 billion yuan.

"the rapid development of the Internet has spawned a number of emerging industries, e-commerce is relying on the Internet and the emergence of new industries, but also developed into one of the most important applications of the internet." China Internet Network Information Center official said that in the first half of last year, the total amount of online shopping consumption of 119 billion 520 million yuan. Among them, the Internet users on the C2C website shopping expenses accounted for 89% of the total amount of online shopping. Compared with the traditional shopping model, online shopping has a great advantage in terms of time, region and commodity selection. Online shopping as long as users log on to the site, you can enjoy the fun of shopping anytime, anywhere. With the accelerated pace of life, online shopping by more and more people of all ages. PT37 Network e purchase center will be limited entity commercial space and network infinite space for integration, the formation of science and technology, networking, information technology, digital, remote, e-commerce, three-dimensional marketing platform. More importantly, the PT37 Network e purchase center achieved membership shopping, a new mode, the national chain, worried about the legal and purchase inventory, logistics, distribution, security deposit refund service, contract tax, marketing costs, new products, training, worry about worry concerns and settlement of the ten "0" risk join. PT37 successfully cracked a fake current e-commerce industry cluster, the lack of integrity, serious tax evasion, inefficient, unfair competition environment and other difficulties, with a new concept of electronic business + business + industry, combined with the production, consumption, investment, entrepreneurship number, can be combined with the actual situation of online shopping platform. PT37 will create a transparent, honest, fair and open trading platform for the entire online shopping market, thereby affecting people’s shopping habits, to promote the line and the production of circulation market transparency, integrity.

industry insiders said that 85.7% of Internet users within six months of online inquiries over commodity information, but only 26% of Internet users to achieve online shopping. This >

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