To people after 80 entrepreneurs business behind Xu Huan

business card:

Company name: Beijing

network the number of Polytron Technologies Inc (formerly Beijing Youlian Huitong Technology Co. Ltd.)

founded: 2005

founder: Xu Huan

company website:

team size: 100+

When the

electronic commerce to later speed into to "trillion" as the unit of time, so many traditional industries to the huge pressure in the feeling at the same time, more is to make up their own development short board urgent.

insight into the line of business net eager demand, the number of the whole network of Beijing Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as: the whole network’s number) came into being. This is a telecommunications, radio and television operators and enterprises to provide e-commerce solutions to provide a full range of technology oriented companies. The company has successfully landed three new board listed in December 21, 2012.


entrepreneurship create what

More than four years working experience in

company is not smooth Xu Huan bones of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and impulse. But going to quit her job he did not want to fight to win or die to what, really let him determine entrepreneurial direction but also from two things about.

according to Xu Huan recalls, the first thing was a friend who wanted to do an electricity supplier website, because do not understand technology, and later removed to find

came to him. The mall on the line after the operation was a success, friends through this website the daily flow from 20 thousand to 200 thousand, with about 10% of the net profit, the net friend every day to 20 thousand yuan from 2 thousand yuan after the initial.

is inspired by a customer who makes a telescope business. Xu Huan told reporters that the customer is to sell the main customers of the telescope, in the forum to earn 10 thousand dollars tasted the sweetness, he hopes to help him do an online mall to broaden the sales channels of Xu Huan. The mall on the line, the people made a lot of money, then the customer went to Nanjing to buy two ship shipping business to do, of course, this is something.

see others through technical service he built made fortunes, Xu Huan began to think, why not own their own technological advantages, easy for those with non-technical people to build a technology platform? Here the gem figure Xu Huan gradually clear up.

everything is difficult at the beginning. Identify the direction of entrepreneurship will begin to implement, but it is far more difficult than imagined. Because there is no initial business resources and contacts, so every step is extremely difficult to walk. One of the things that impressed Xu Xu was that in a cold winter, I went to Qingdao and a client to talk about the project because of the customer

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