A pen a big money, the mainstream of the group buying site

non mainstream group is relatively similar to the current imitation Groupon mainstream buy in terms of today, a pen to share with you is a non mainstream buy birthday cake buy network, money way!

Groupon of the group purchase website is totally imported in Chinese, Chinese type group purchase website for Groupon imitation is quite thorough, button layout, process, Copy. So that even the founder of Andrew Mason Groupon are helpless, said, they even our wrong place to imitate, a pen that can make the initial imitation of the company quickly start, less detours. But in the process of development, it is necessary to innovate and develop their own core competitiveness. At present, glutinous rice, beauty group, full, Sohu group, QQ group, club……… And so on, regardless of the site design, business models are exactly the same, with the increased competition, industry reshuffle will be inevitable!

analysis of rice, the U.S. group, full Sohu group, QQ group, you can find the most popular in the China group purchase website was "catering consumption" group purchase. And the information obtained from the Groupon is also dining, entertainment, buy the most popular, and is also the main direction of Groupon. So what kind of consumption is suitable to buy a pen after a comprehensive consideration that "wedding" and "birthday cake" are suitable for group buying and have great development "money" project. Wedding buy I had previously analyzed, today continue to analyze the birthday cake buy prospects:

Groupon buy has the most basic two characteristics:

1: enough profit margins and a large consumer market, only this kind of thing has a lot of discount space and consumer market, in order to organize enough to participate in the crowd.

two: do not need delivery, by the consumers themselves. Logistics is the site’s most headaches short board, here is omitted.

for online payment, the general standard service can be completed, no longer.

so "catering" Group buy in line with these characteristics, and has proven to be successful. The next may also be the direction of the success of subdivision: "professional birthday cake Group website"

a pen on the recommended here is "professional birthday cake Group purchase website", only to make a birthday cake Group purchase pure cake, only, no other product or service group purchase.

continued analysis:

: a "birthday cake" has a huge consumer market, from the cake shop you can see on the Chinese birthday is very important, the birthday cake can be said that the consumer market is large enough, the profit space is also fully support the group purchase.

two: consumers can go to the store to pick up, do not need the logistics distribution.

YES! Completely in line with the basic conditions of Groupon type buy!

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