Ali Open Cloud electricity supplier platform users more online shopping

every large electricity providers to promote, nature is a shopping spree in the season. However, "congestion, products by Rob, delivery delay, goods confusion, derivatives is often online shopping enthusiasts have to bear"".

"one of the biggest reasons is the business of IT order synchronization delays," July 10th, Ali group, Tmall and Ali cloud network announced the joint launch of the poly spire data platform, provide cloud services for Tmall and Taobao platform, electricity providers and electricity supplier service providers, businesses will be safe and stable, flexible upgrading, data push, the data integration of cloud services, consumers will thus be determined more security services. Wang Xiawen

with the continuous growth of the electricity supplier sellers, many businesses have established a standard enterprise management processes and the corresponding management software support system. However, due to the enterprise data resources scattered in different service providers to develop the software system, though the underlying data to Tmall, Taobao and docking, but not between software interoperability, therefore, in the trading platform on the formation of "information islands", caused by the operating personnel to switch between multiple systems, affects the working efficiency.

recently, Tmall vice president Wang Wenbin said in an interview, "poly spire electric open cloud platform launch, will open up integrated data system this year, will be a" information island "through the interconnection of cloud services. Later, there will be open access network construction, logistics system of treasure.

newspaper was informed that, at present, in less than two months, there are already 20 thousand businesses in the daily use of the platform, the total number of orders processed Daily has more than 500 thousand single. With the official announcement of the project, the second half of the year will attract more sellers.

Third party service providers "

has collaborated with the poly spire festivalwalk" responsible person also said in an interview, send to service in the cloud using relational database using data from the initial push, Taobao and Tmall’s business data download speed from 200 / min, increased to 1000 / min, significantly improved business day delivery orders, at the same time, the use of cloud services, our implementation and service cost is reduced by 40%, the customer problem to improve the response speed of more than 2 times, "the third party service provider Wo Tang software responsible person said.

"in the future, consumers will also bring together spire faster response speed of business services." Wang Wenbin said that the huge user demand by businesses in the form of data capture, reflected in the rapid production, supply chain, inventory, logistics and other sectors. All the relevant information and business flow, such as the enterprise customer service, product manager, operations manager, suppliers, distributors, logistics and so on, will be integrated into the poly spire, and a parcel to the end "service model.

"at present we can get the buyer’s visit, fixed frequency, preference commodities such as shallow analysis, and the future more diverse, accurate analysis will directly reflect the reasons for the high level of business sales." Wang Wenbin said that more than 80% of Tmall’s business needs from consumer behavior analysis. ">

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