CN domain name in the world behind the first story

in 2008 January Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held the "China Internet Development Statistics survey report" conference, I had predicted in 2008 at least 3 Chinese Internet will appear first in the world: the number of the number of Internet users, broadband Internet users and the number of top-level domain name. At present, the number of Internet users has been the world’s first, to May 2008, the country’s top domain name has become a number one in the world. Although the number of broadband Internet users in the world has not yet been verified, but I believe this day should be far away. If not surprisingly, this day should be released in July this year, CNNIC twenty-second statistical report of the day. So, I very happy.

we all know, the domain name has generic top-level domain names (gTLD, Generic Top Level Domain) and national / regional top-level domain (ccTLD, Country Code Top Level Domain) of the points, the gTLD domain name by American company responsible for the management of operation, while the ccTLD is run by the national management (unless a country without their own management ability while other countries commissioned on behalf of management). In November 18, 2005, the United Nations in the information society summit action plan clearly states that a country’s top-level domain name (ccTLD) management decisions are not subject to interference from other countries. A country for its ccTLD related decisions to reflect the reasonable interests, due respect, maintenance and clear." Therefore, the positive development of the country’s top domain name, and to maintain the leading position in the world, is an important aspect of a country’s information capacity.

prior to this, Germany has been the world’s most top-level domain name of the country. But according to the latest CNNIC statistics show that by the end of May 2008, the total number of top-level domain –CN domain name in China reached 11821635, while the total number of German national top-level domain –DE domain name according to the German statistics for 12072501 DENIC. At first glance, DE data is still the most, but in fact it is not. Because it also includes the data in the German domain name 420804, and the number of CN domain name does not contain the corresponding Chinese domain name. Therefore, in fact, the end of the DE English domain name is only 11651697, compared with China to CN end of the English domain name is less than 169938. Obviously, the number of top Chinese domain names in May 2008 for the first time in Germany and the world’s first

!To analyze the recent development trend of

CN domain and DE domain, 1 ~ May monthly growth this year, the average monthly increase of 428 thousand CN domain, DE domain name (including German name) the average monthly increase of 80 thousand. Obviously, CN domain name will be more and more big lead.

CN domain name has become the top of the world’s top domain names, how far away from the global domain name?

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