Gome online March 1st push bill of financial products’ beauty


technology news February 27th evening news, Gome online today announced officially launched the first notes of financial products in March 1st — "beautiful notes". It is understood that the United States is known to bank acceptance bills as investment targets of a bill to guarantee financial products, the expected annual yield will be in the range of 6%-8%. Huang Xiangping, vice president of the United States, said the bill is the United States and the United States in 2015 financial network layout of the Internet is a major business.

it is understood that the United States online line on the first phase of the "beauty drafts is cooperation and financial instruments platform" silver bearing library ", the first phase will be expected to send billions of dollars in bills of financial products. Huang Xiangping, due to the current market of Internet banking platform pledged notes in small bills, the United States online beauty "drafts" product is the size of more than -100 million in 50 thousand, for a period of 20 days to 180 days. Users simply log on to the United States online financial channel to subscribe, from the purchase amount is 100 yuan, the highest single purchase amount of 100 thousand yuan, after the expiration of the drafts, the principal and income will be returned to the United States and surplus treasure balance, convenient for the user to choose to buy other financial products.

it is understood that the "beauty drafts belong to the loan financial products, financing enterprises held by the bank acceptance pledge to provide guarantees to investors financing, and through the company’s online financial platform release loan application demand, investors through the purchase of" beauty products drafts financing to enterprises, maturity after the payment of money to the bank as the source of repayment.

in fact, from November 2013, the first Internet bills financial products on the line so far, there are large and small nearly ten online financial platform to launch similar products. Gome online to enter the financial instruments after Ali, Jingdong and other platforms, and a field of financial instruments into the Internet business platform, which will make financial instruments market competition is more intense.

and baby financial products behind the IMF compared to the same period of flexible financial bills and threshold, low risk, but the relative higher income, has attracted the attention of many investors. According to industry statistics, in the first three quarters of 2014, the company issued a total of commercial bills of exchange of 16 trillion and 200 billion yuan, an increase of 6.9%, of which small denomination bills accounted for about $20%, or over $3 trillion. Most of the bills discounted in the bank, part of the bank system in the circulation of the discount of up to 1 trillion yuan, which is the current scale of the Internet bills financial market.

, according to the United States online finance official said, following the launch of bill financing, the United States will also launch a recent online earnings up to 10-15% of the explosion of financial products.

in fact, by the end of 2014 the United States online and Lion Fund Management Co jointly launched its first Internet financial products "America surplus treasure, and complete the layout of the mobile terminal, after a lapse of two months Gome online and on-line financial instruments. For the United States recently in the field of action in the financial sector frequently, industry analysts said, this is the United States and the United States in 2015 with a focus on the strategic layout of the Internet

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