Fast and easy business mail exposure the integration of collective disappearance administrator

[Reuters] April 29th news billion state power Tencent, capital Jingdong, Jingdong and easy fast team integration into the most difficult place, and claiming to be fast and easy for businesses claimed that the initiative, in the merger after the announcement, Yi Xun backstage collective group manager almost disappeared.

below the merchant broke the news content:

is a small business easy fast network, fast network on such problems occur in March 10th to soundless and stirless announced plans for the Jingdong and the Tencent, until the end of April entered into the mid upheaval


our home was originally easy fast self mode, after the entry of Tencent into a new fast and easy mode. The current mode of operation is that the customer orders the logistics department to enter the logistics system to the customer.

since the collaboration was announced, Yi Xun backstage collective group manager almost disappeared, some background about commodity logistics, customer service, editing and other issues for a long time no one to solve, bring great trouble to the daily operations of the business.

By the end of March

group have received logistics businesses reflect Jingdong telephone and mail, easy fast logistics and logistics integration to Jingdong, require businesses to accept Jingdong logistics agreement, the price of high current mainstream Super Express (Shanghai for example, the first weight 10 yuan added 2 yuan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang first 12 yuan added 2 yuan) does not accept the agreement of April 30th is no longer a pick-up, to solve the logistics problem. Businesses have chosen to pick up the door, how to solve the problem on the issue of fast docking personnel can not answer, continue to disappear.


(distribution service market quotation)

these are just operational problems at the end of March have a cooperation agreement to renew the business received mail for some 14 year agreement expires new contract is not finished processing businesses. In this message did not send a week, some businesses have received a quick and easy business cooperation agreement on the termination of the joint venture, requiring businesses to sign as soon as possible, by the end of April will be the end of the operation, the commodity shelf processing.


"easy fast network joint operation Master Agreement" termination agreement


group, just to renew the agreement immediately to terminate the cooperation? Businesses that have received a call from PM part of the settlement of March alone because there is no delay signed a cooperation agreement to terminate, as long as the settlement agreement was signed out alone. Even more puzzling, there are still some businesses did not receive any notice, in order to understand the situation to inquire about PM, to inform some of the 14 years since the contract has been signed and sent out without fear.


is on this list, so every day to see the group various Tucao, results in about 20, PM suddenly received a telephone, told the authorities to adjust, to end the operation of goods shelves at the end of April, even if the contract has come into force by the end of 14 also signed a termination agreement, must in April 30th.

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