80% of enterprises enable Chinese CN domain name

      seven Internet Network Information Center manages the global 55% national domain name (NIC), first gathered in Beijing, held the "first NIC WORLD Global Forum, signed the" Beijing declaration ".

this is the first time the global NIC organizations gathered in Beijing to discuss how to deal with the challenges and opportunities of the information society NIC, sharing the experience of Internet construction and management." Mao Wei, director of the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), said that the management of the domain name system run by NIC constitutes the core infrastructure of the Internet, the Internet constitutes the core part of the information society infrastructure. NIC’s work is to provide a platform for a harmonious development of the information society, the quality of the platform, to a large extent determine the quality of the information society we want to build.


reporter was informed that: at the end of May 2007, China.CN top-level domain name registrations exceeded 5 million 300 thousand for the first time, greatly surpass COM domestic domain name registration, in countries all over the world top level domain ranking jumped to third.

Mao Wei said that this means that the CN domain name has been identified in the domestic mainstream status. It is understood that the current domestic registration of COM domain name is 1 million 990 thousand, the growth rate slowed in recent years.

out of the demand for e-government and information security, CN domain name was widely used in government agencies, currently up to 97% of the provincial government website domain name specification using CN domain name.

Enable the CN domain name

in the government’s demonstration, Haier, Samsung and many other well-known enterprises disposable hundreds of CN domain name registration action excavated CN domain value; Unilever to promote Chinese toothpaste when registering the zhyg.cn action also attracted other companies to follow in the promotion activities. Under the leadership of Internet Co and other state-owned enterprises to enable CN 500 domain names, according to authoritative statistics, China’s 20 major industries, there are already 80% of the enterprise enabled CN domain name.

experts also said that the popularity of Chinese.CN domain name will help promote China’s enterprise information. China has 3400 small and medium enterprises, their contribution to the GDP accounted for more than 80% of the total, their information related to China’s economic development. The enterprise must realize the informationization, the domain name is a necessary step, it relates to the protection and promotion of enterprise website construction, management system and the application of its own brand, Chinese domain by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises welcome because of its easy to remember.

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