From the Beijing Teng plan to see the next marketing battlefield brand


in this year’s double 11 before the war, Jingdong and Tencent heavy release of Beijing Teng plan". A stone arouses thousand waves, the parties have expressed their views.

Ma Huateng said, the Jingdong and the Tencent in hand is to explore the social + electricity supplier will have the possibility and imagination of space; Liu Qiangdong talked about the core purpose of cooperation is the future of data sharing, which not only the Tencent and the Jingdong data can be shared and the depth, the ability to open up the Jingdong each platform vendors and partners, so that consumers when really need to see ads from harassment; industry sources said, "Jing Teng plan" opened a new era of business strategy Internet plus ". Of course, some people say, Jing Teng plan may be difficult to eat cake, immediately.

in fact, sometimes, we seem to be a few simple changes, are quietly quietly reshape the mobile Internet ecosystem.

social + electricity supplier big data advantage superposition effect

from the Jingdong deputy general interpretation of view, "the core of Beijing Teng plan" is from the brand, sales floor, fans and big data analysis in four dimensions to form a closed loop, produce a variety of products and services to businesses and users. What exactly does this mean for businesses and consumers?

accurate portrait: Tencent huge social behavior data and Jingdong huge shopping behavior based on the data for brands to provide more accurate picture of the target consumer groups and rich selection of touch up channel, help brand businesses to achieve precision marketing more effective.

multi scene: Tencent social platform based on a wealth of scenarios and Jingdong’s huge electricity supplier sales platform, the effective precipitation of fans in social communication users, to stimulate the purchase behavior in the multi-dimensional scene.

quality experience: Jingdong to genuine low price, quality assurance, the brand connotation and customer first core philosophy, to provide users with the best online shopping experience, allowing users a higher degree of satisfaction.

, for example, this year’s double 11, Jingdong on the basis of low-cost, proposed a low price buy 11 days strategy. The double 11 period, the Tencent will help Jingdong in a WeChat shopping entrance with a red dot, nearly 600 million of WeChat users live in, to the Jingdong WeChat page, consumers can buy WeChat to pay or pay by Jingdong, to form a complete closed loop. In addition, the Jingdong also added a lot of interactive attributes, such as playing games, red collar, coupons, delivery, Scenarized fit the characteristics of social electricity supplier, play together with consumers.

During the

, Jingdong Beijing through marketing platform will play a social + electricity supplier big data advantage. On the one hand, through the precise crowd directed to want to get real-time information; on the other hand, to help businesses make the goods appear in front of the scene and consumers, effectively enhance the sales performance, while allowing users to online shopping experience better.

mobile Internet brings to

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