Traditional vertical electricity supplier will be dead vertical O2O will rise


text / Huang Yuanpu (co-founder of 100 million European Network)

last week, had burst into the footwear vertical electricity supplier website letao briefly returned to the media’s attention: letao stumbled, eventually sold to one of their employees…… About the music Amoy network industry, the most memorable is the CEO Bi Sheng in 2012 had publicly "electronic commerce is a hoax, then caused the industry hot; two years later, Amoy net to sell this embarrassing outcome, Bi Sheng view. As a former vertical electricity supplier representative letao marvel.

high degree of standardization, low price products is not suitable to be vertical; however, Amoy net curtain does not represent the vertical electric business is dead. Careful people will pay attention to cosmetics as the main category of electronic business website coming to the United States IPO; while the vertical brand has become Chinese imperceptibly millet third major electricity supplier in the regional market; China, some game player with O2O is the electricity supplier giant counterattack. In fact, China’s electricity supplier has just entered the second stage of development, a big wave of opportunity to re start.

brand electricity supplier in the name of the rise of

proved that the vertical electricity supplier is not dead, the most direct and powerful evidence is that millet has become China’s third largest electricity supplier website, in 2013 its sales volume of 31 billion 600 million, after the size of Taobao and Jingdong. According to the definition, millet are regarded as vertical business: selling mobile phone, TV, boxes, routers and other few tech products through the official website booking sale, delivery by sf…… Millet with the ultimate single product concept, take the form of electricity providers make the channel flat, Taobao and Jingdong in the shadows of a way; in Millet driven by a large number of vertical electricity supplier is expected to rise again in the name of the brand business.

the past ten years is the channel electricity supplier development in ten years, whether it is Taobao Tmall pure such platform, or Jingdong that run by the B2C website, after all they are alive as the electricity supplier channels. Pay attention to the scale effect of the channel, the strong tend to become more and more strong, especially in the category of high standardization is so. China Channel electricity supplier development to 2013, the pattern has been fully established, Taobao and Jingdong bipolar pattern is difficult to break. At the same time, China’s electricity supplier has entered the second stage of development, the brand will usher in the development of electricity supplier opportunities, while most brands are typical electricity supplier vertical electricity supplier.

sale mode counter business tycoon

another proof of evidence before the death of the vertical is the rapid rise over the past year,, and also will visit the capital market to become the second Different and vertical electric business in general, whether it is or, all adopt the brand sale mode, the rapid rise in the past few years, the clothing sale started, clothing sales even threaten to apparel category Tmall; the United States.

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