Swordsman Liu Qiangdong PK poet Ma Jingdong mall 2012 battle Taobao


this is a star studded era, this is one of the heroes of the Internet arena, 2012, Dangdang Tencent Jingdong Taobao Sina have joined the Warring States hegemony, the arena of smoke, flames of war, the famous marketing expert Lan Xiaohua called the Warring States separatist era, when the electricity supplier giant, for the Levites and the Alliance for justice and help and as for survival, development, expansion, IPO, unified The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong arena. Jingdong swordsman Liu Qiangdong outwardly strong but inwardly weak funds under pressure "vertical and horizontal integration" against arena martial arts champion Ma Yun, launched an open platform for partners to pay small fees to the Jingdong sellers, Jingdong to provide warehousing and distribution services to them, industry observers think however from the mouths of Taobao is not easy to do, at least Ma Yun or online shopping arena open platform is a very influential overlord, Liu Qiang East Dragon first knife can on the implementation of open platform strategy is the implementation of universal Jingdong, Taobao, Tencent and other strategic.


swordsman Liu Qiangdong, passionate vision of


in a strategic management swordsman Liu Qiangdong, Jingdong wilderness lakes flavor is very full, even the front desk staff will help the express package. You can even go straight to Liu Qiangdong’s office. The company feels like very busy, a train running at high speed, which makes him intuitively feel young, Jingdong crazy, in spite of all, not to stick at trifles, no rules,. Lan Xiaohua believes that the Jingdong for the year as the hectic revolutionary passion to create new Chinese the Red Army, ambitious, passionate, for the revolution can be called new days, sparks of fire, fire, earth village Liu Qiangdong heroic utterance only need a shop! (One world, one shop) "in the days when can come to a successful issue right.

Liu Qiangdong opened its own platform, Jingdong platform to enter the customer is provided by Jingdong warehousing and distribution, which allows Jingdong to collect the cost of the platform partners to dilute the cost of logistics construction. At the same time, Liu Qiangdong is not worried about the product on the open platform with Jingdong to sell their own products overlap or lower. "Because most of the products are not the same, even if there is a right hand each stroke, and we never mind, we have profits, as sellers." Liu Qiangdong said. More importantly, Jingdong open platform can compete for businesses from Taobao mall. Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong will be on-line price system based on mobile terminal users in the new, Gome, Suning and other department stores, as long as taking photos of the commodity bar code or using a mobile phone, you can immediately know the Jingdong mall offer.

The poet

Ma, Taobao mall and whirling


war veterans, Ma is fickle, Zhejiang smart on him at a glance, Sun Wukong 72, Ma know that in front of the same market the myriads of changes, the result is the end of the road, in the face of Liu Qiangdong. Taobao books, only to change the status quo. "

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