Are you still send money rebate website

believes that the attention of Taobao alliance friends know Taobao alliance news release, 2013 will no longer support for the Taobao website (including Tmall and Taobao mart) cash back shopping to members or buyers of Taobao off mode, support only take back points, back to real return, rebate coupons, coupons and other non cash payment the Taobao customer mode. Today is 2013, the move will also be gradually implemented, in this regard, the online shopping rebate site you still send money? Let guardian for everyone slowly revealed.

is a well-known Internet commentator Jia Xuelong said that the rebate site model is very simple, in fact, is the CPS shopping navigation. By directing the user to the electricity supplier website shopping, and then get a commission from the electricity supplier website, will be a part of the payment to the user, he received most of the commission. And did the rebate network stand in a row stationmaster tells us: rebate network is in the use of the user for its cheap labor, it is unfair for the user, is not long, so we have to explore a better profit model. Now with Taobao as the representative of the union no longer cash back model has been carried out, this time we still need to go keen on the rebate website? This Guardian believes there is no need.

: we just a rebate site free labor.

We all know that

rebate website users from their website into electricity supplier website can give users a rebate, in fact we all know that we can go directly to the electricity supplier website needed to buy their goods. The rebate site in the middle inserted on one foot, then charge the website commission rebate to you part of a few people. We know that this is not removed, basically can be said with Baicai spending, so virtually let users need to continue to help them make money.


has adjusted the rebate rebate website.

Taobao Union announced the beginning of this year from the cash back to the return of the change, many electricity providers will certainly follow the practice of the site. After all, we can clean up the industry environment, but also in the fight against fraud will be improved. But will let users come from the previous cash back, because now is the return points, coupons, when we get to spend again and vouchers can only be integral, thus forming a virtuous cycle for businesses.

has shown that the above two points, we have not been reliable through the rebate site. At least not for cash back rebate website is not reliable, so we still need to go to the rebate website for a free or cheap promotional? A very simple example, if the 100 expenditure, then your users have 99 yuan commission how to do, you must think not to waste, to buy something, get a dollar rebate. For the rebate website, we obtain the integral or coupons, you can go shopping with integral or coupons to the corresponding commodity exchange. But do you have to understand that the goods we exchange are what we need? Perhaps very few people will consider this

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