Baidu’s two domain names

Baidu observation, N multi cattle X people are studying the North American search engine, Baidu research, they all refer to the North American search engine, and stick to the North American search engine, there is no good breakthrough. Although some people have a high ranking, most of them are lucky, do not know the secret.

Baidu two level domain name: remember that when the Baidu QQ two words, all of the front of the Tencent series of domain names. My station is, then you can go to Baidu: kooyie. Similarly, go to Baidu baidu.


results are amazing: two hundred.

so we often need to use a few Webmaster:

MP3, union, site, mage, top, hi, map, Zhidao, post, Jingjia, life, Im, index, Shadu, up, disk

generally use these, too much, the first two of the Baidu domain name to learn more about. One after another.

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