How to quickly build from scratch three high popularity grassroots Bo

whether you believe it or not, now Sina grassroots micro-blog has become a river. When Cai Wensheng publicly said that micro-blog has their own hands when the Yangzhou women entrepreneurs earning large quantities of gold each day, while sitting on hundreds of account worth millions, as more and more businesses start advertising to micro-blog, are you surprised? Now, Sina seems to have micro-blog grassroots divided into three sects, joke, Huayi hundred record media Technology Co. Ltd. and wine red blue that they almost have a situation of tripartite confrontation situation, Sina micro-blog grassroots top 50 of all accounts, influence is already beyond the imagination. So, behind these grassroots Hot Blog what is how to operate? How do they do it from zero million popular? The author has also Hot Blog grassroots operators, has a wealth of business experience, today I will scratch three steps: how to quickly build the high popularity of grassroots Hot Blog share (mainly to Sina micro-blog as an example), if you are a strong execution of people, I believe that as long as according to the three steps done, you can create a high popularity of micro-blog.

, to do good work, must first sharpen his

first of all, all we have to do is get ready for work. Before we start a micro-blog, our goal is to build a grassroots Bo, then we have to ask yourself a few questions:

1 I want to do in the field of micro-blog? This is the theme of micro-blog to determine, a good micro-blog theme is half the success, this sentence is absolutely true. At least for now, many areas are doing a good job of micro-blog, many people may want to do a hot topic, but there are bound to be a lot of hot topics to do. Now began to do, it is bound to lose the opportunity, on the one hand, competitive, on the other hand do not feature. Personally think that the best choice for a slightly less popular theme, so you can avoid the edge, easy to make a feature.

I want to make

2 what fans concerned about me? Before I once said, micro-blog wants to get fans attention, if you are not a star, not like a star sun drying their own life,. In order to do grass-roots Hot Blog, must go to study from the mass of fans demand, what fans need, you need to send what kind of content, we will always popular fans demand as the main line of micro-blog’s own, this requires you enough content to attract fans attention, only to let the fans feel your content is he love, he felt that the micro-blog content you use to him, or he can entertainment, meet some of his needs, so fans will willing to pay attention to you, take the initiative to help you spread forward. The only way to attract fans is what we really need.

3 I will do in the field have relatively stable source of content? Do grass-roots micro-blog should have such consciousness, we must content source wide enough, because you will need to update the grassroots micro-blog micro-blog continues to increase your exposure, so it needs a lot of material, and the material to the best have some fun.

above 3 questions >

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