Drops executives finally acknowledged rumors of financing and also burst a more violent material

[Abstract] executives also revealed that drops are now closer than any profit, the current four hundred cities have nearly three hundred profit.


Tencent science and technology news Xin Yan reported on April 7th

on a new round of investment and then exposed the tip of the iceberg.

held today at the 2016 Annual Credit Suisse Asian investors summit, Zhu Jingshi, vice president of strategic travel drops revealed that drops travel a new round of financing is to be completed in the investment market environment dull, still won numerous domestic and foreign investment institutions and the support of old and new shareholders, the company’s latest valuation far beyond all channel rumors.

according to foreign media reports, the amount of financing has been raised to more than $1 billion 500 million, in order to calculate the financing transactions, the capital market valuation of drops far more than $20 billion. Earlier there was news that the drop has raised at least $1 billion in a new round of financing, but the official declined to comment on the table. Drops travel founder and CEO Cheng Wei had also responded that although there is no official news can be announced, but drops are still constantly financing.

Zhu Jingshi also revealed that drops are now more profitable than ever, the current four hundred cities have nearly three hundred profit.

it is worth noting that not long ago on Ali investment B2C on behalf of the Chinese car model car news flying all over the sky. Although the Alibaba denied, Shenzhou car said no comment, but according to the understanding of China Science and technology Tencent car with Ali to discuss investment matters really, but now it has been shelved. Then China announced the acquisition of 20 billion yuan of credit for the financial leasing, car fleet expansion support shenzhou.


excellent, excellent step Travis Kalanick founder and CEO had said in January this year has completed the B round of financing in the media, including the HNA Group, CITIC Securities, China, Baidu, Chinese Taiping Life Chinese company, but did not disclose the amount of financing. It is understood that China excellent step in June 2015 to open its B round of financing, plans to raise $1 billion, then the financing plan to expand to $2 billion 500 million.

drops of travel is about to complete a new round of financing, will no doubt once again trigger a wave of travel market.

In addition to

, Zhu Jingshi also talked about the moment the most popular driverless, he said, driverless is an exciting future, drops are also closely watched.

he also believes that the unmanned alternative to intelligent assisted human driving for a long time. In addition to technical factors, the cost structure of different economies, infrastructure conditions will also become a decisive factor, such as labor costs in China is still far lower than the United states. Therefore, I will focus on the use of artificial intelligence to reform the world of human driving."

Zhu Jingshi expressed hope that through the big data and deep learning driven artificial intelligence network to achieve >

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