My website promotion experience

Promotion is a strange topic for me, before and after the site has done a lot of small, but it is not promoted. It is my intention to promote a website. Summing up the results of the previous period of promotion, I found my kung fu is not in vain.

A, promotion results

included: website for three months, the major search engines are all included, Google includes nearly 5000 articles, Baidu also has nearly 3000, the statement: my website is not a collection of Web information; the key ranking: "hotel reservation" in Baidu entered the first 10 pages, the key word in the googel rankings almost; reverse link: this I love the query with this command: YAHOO -site: can query the number of links to the outside of the station, the reverse link number also has 6000; PR value, Google PR value updated to 4, Sogou rating to 40.

two, promotion methods

wanted to rely on the current data on the SEO can bring certain flow, but the search engine is not as imagined so lovely. The three day was Baidu closed, although Google has been included, but included a slow amount of time, the effect is slow.


baidu for domestic traffic is still the largest search engine, if you can do a good job every day, the flow is considerable, but must pay attention to the details of the submission, summarized as follows

1. if you are collecting station, will not be able to stand up after the release of all the data, otherwise, it is easy to find that you are collecting station, direct K off, the data should be a bit put.

2. started doing it better not to put ads, so it is easy to be K, especially his competitors (found Baidu very careful eye).

3. website design must keep up, because the discovery of Baidu artificial intervention component is relatively heavy, so a messy design of the station will soon be K. included there seems to be a certain stage, the first stage seems to be included in nearly more than 30 thousand, more likely to be included in a manual audit stage, because I do not stand a lot of

past the threshold. So before this little heart must do stop, otherwise come to naught.


1. although Google is a punishment for the acquisition station, but now it seems they are not easy to find such stations. included a long time, want to speed up the speed can go to look at the Google sitemap. For the establishment of a sitemap Google, will soon be included.

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