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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 1st news, Sogou will be held in the near future major strategic issues conference, which was originally scheduled to be held in June 18th, but in front of the event was suddenly postponed in the interior until the year of July. Since the Qihoo 360 and Sogou rumors has lasted for two months, insiders judgment, the possibility in the near future trading results surfaced very large.

recently, on the 360, Baidu and Tencent for the news to raise a Babel of criticism of sogou. Or the Sohu and 360 in the capital level of operation and then put Sogou through a way of adoptive to 360 news news while pledging that emerge in an endless stream, both parties have agreed immediately announced, then news came out and said this thing is not reliable. In this regard, Zhang Zhaoyang said that the search is indeed in the various negotiations, the possibility of seeking strategic cooperation, as the future direction of the development of Sogou, but also at a crossroads". This means that Sogou is facing a difficult stage of sale or independent spin off listing.

a number of industry insiders confirmed that after the acquisition of 360 Sogou, Sohu became the largest shareholder of the details of the rumors. 360 the proposed price of more than $1 billion in convertible form wholly acquired Sogou, initial agreement is Zhou Hongyi give up 360 chairman position, just as CEO, replaced by Zhang Zhaoyang as chairman. However, the two sides have not reached an agreement with some of the details." However, industry insiders judge, 360 final bid should not exceed $1 billion 400 million. Since the 360 merger after the success of Baidu Sogou will make a significant impact in the short term, the latter made obvious intention. According to informed sources, Baidu prepared a different strategy with FLAC, the highest and lowest goal in the negotiations.

Baidu Sogou Sogou business synergy value is not as obvious as 360 m & A Sogou, the greater the value is to prevent the acquisition of Sogou after the acquisition of a passive position in 360. Baidu even deeper consideration, hoping to raise the bid, an increase of 360 m & a costs. There are 360 practical considerations, the 360 current high market capitalization by the concept of search support, mergers and acquisitions Sogou, one of which is to increase the market size and revenue, second, Sogou cashability is currently in the industry seems strong in 360, the sales price is higher, Sogou acquisition is conducive to enhancing the liquidity to 360.

in the short term, the biggest significance of 360 m & A Sogou and Baidu’s impact on the traditional internet. But the mobile Internet is scouring the foundation of traditional search, the long-term competition between the two sides has only just begun, which is the reason for the recent Baidu and 360 have been in the mobile terminal force. A transaction can not change the overall situation, the mobile Internet is the real power to change.

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