Webmaster network 2011 public lecture fifth how to operate the local classification information webs

from the beginning to the present, the rapid development of China’s Internet has gone through the "germination period, Web1.0 era, Web2.0 era" three periods. With the continuous development and popularization of the Internet, the rise of new things in the past decade has been gradually accepted by people. People in the understanding of the Internet, but also experienced the stage of passive acceptance and active integration. The Internet has entered thousands of households, and daily life are inseparable. Now the Internet, Web2.0 interactive make classified information sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, a lot of demand in various industries classified information to classified information website to become a major force and portal chamber resistance, is bound to lead the Internet into the next era. How to successfully operate local classified information website, how to cooperate with the traditional media, the guests will share with the majority of the local classification of information website operations.

the speaker: Sun Mingming vice president of search www.sochafa.com webmaster Dongguan Network Culture Association

this period on the content: how to operate local classification information website

, please login form YY voice, Admin5 official public lecture room ID:63002

lecture time: January 18, 2011 20:00-21:30


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