A5 webmaster network officially changed its name to A5 venture network to create entrepreneurial inf

March 28, 2016, A5 Adsense network officially changed its name to A5 venture network, to complete a qualitative leap for Internet entrepreneurs to create a more accurate, more authoritative entrepreneurial information and service platform. Starting today, we will move towards a new journey for entrepreneurs service, focus on the Internet venture capital circle, and the entrepreneurial team to grow together.

A5 webmaster network was born in 2005, now has gone through eleven years. Over the years, A5 has been adhering to the spirit of the grassroots webmaster, and personal webmaster and small sites together had witnessed the rapid development of a variety of groundless talk, China internet. Also experienced all groundless talk. Recalling the development over the years, we have reason to be proud of their own to go to today, but more proud to be able to solve the various needs of users to help small and medium sites, personal webmaster who grow up. During this time, we have experienced a devastating blow to the Internet for small and medium sites, but also to witness the outbreak of grassroots growth. After the storm always see the rainbow, barbaric growth is bound to usher in a more mature development. Maybe some website has disappeared, but more is the full-fledged development. Many in the A5 were removed from the owners now have hundreds of people in the team, there are many websites through the transformation and upgrading of even more development to seek listing.

now the webmaster circle has accompanied Internet business boom coming to experience new sublimation, it can be said that now only appears to be too narrow to define individual owners, owners of this group had Internet business integration, no obvious boundary. A5 webmaster network changed its name to A5 venture network, but also means more mission, more severe challenges. But the challenge is always the same as the opportunity, as long as the grasp, it will make greater achievements.

A5 home page to improve the user experience to attract more entrepreneurs

by the end of 2015, A5 Venture Network conducted a major revision, home page, channel column page replacement of the new UI, enhance the user experience and content display. After the revision we received good user feedback, so with the renamed A5 based business network in the original style again on the pages of the adjustment, first show business, webmaster content, and service for its recommendation for centralized optimization. Renamed after the revision we will attract more entrepreneurs users, and more cooperation with the Internet start-up company team.

in the content, the future will be A5 business network business information as the core, to create excellent entrepreneurial venture financing channel to dynamic and entrepreneurial college, product manager, interview four core columns, to meet the needs of Internet entrepreneurs. Let the Internet to do business products, investment is no longer difficult to find. Dynamic venture financing will provide all the latest news, the Internet business financing news for users; business school will provide users with valuable depth of entrepreneurial experience; product manager is a collection of various types of dry cargo business product development, user experience, related business models, let the Internet entrepreneur >

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