51.com employees broke the news cooperation with HUAWE or smoke bombs

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Tencent Francisco February 10th news, yesterday evening, Tencent technology received a letter claiming the mysteries of mail former employees of 51.com, in the message the Baoliao said the so-called "51 strategic cooperation with HUAWEI may be just a smokescreen". Information from this message said, 51.com Shanghai site network equipment provided by HUAWEI, and 51.com had previously defaulted on HUAWEI’s equipment for a long time, it is now said that the strategic cooperation is intended to default payment". At the same time, the source said, 51.com released in cooperation with HUAWEI "is also a smoke bomb in order to avoid the 51 in its more layoffs storm", according to the reports, years ago, 51.com has laid off, "and later in the year and again lay off 100". February 3rd at 10:30, according to Tencent technology exclusive report, 51.com related sources have signed a contract with HUAWEI one hundred million yuan to strengthen the construction of network equipment, and HUAWEI will become its network equipment overall program service providers. The afternoon of February 6th 51.com internal mail exposure, in the internal mail 51.com admitted 08 years "performance is not satisfactory, some bottleneck" also appeared in the management, at the same time that the "primary responsibility is the management team in our body".

the following is the full text of the message:

Tencent technology friends,

happy lantern festival! Say hello to you!

I was 51 of the former employees, taking into account their own as a vulnerable group, my personal information is not convenient to disclose here.

I sent this email just to uncover the fact:

Billion yuan cooperation between

days before the news reports mentioned in 51 with HUAWEI, not the real situation.

because of a strategic cooperation with HUAWEI 51 so-called may be just a smokescreen.

why is there such a fact? – HUAWEI’s equipment in arrears for a long time (Shanghai site is the provision of network equipment HUAWEI), and now said the strategic cooperation, the first is to default payment.

in addition, believe that this cooperation with HUAWEI is a smokescreen to avoid falling into the 51 growing layoffs storm, because in 51 years ago in fact have layoffs, and in 100 years again after the layoffs.


you may wish to do a little investigation, see what I say is out of thin air. Originally, I also thought about the resignation of employees everywhere to say bad things about the company, the staff must be a moral person. I think so, but recently I changed my mind, because of Sanlu milk powder, one knows not to tell others, seeing others suffer fooled people, that is a completely immoral people.

wish good!

51.com one of the one hundred employees in the

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