Grassroots course Admin5 gave me a webmaster wife

well, first thank you for your busy schedule to read this station.

N years ago (about =6 N) I had a personal homepage, but only in 2 years after the fiddle, drive over, nor what traffic domain space will not renew it (but an old corn wow).

in 2006, graduated from college, work, do not like to be directed, resigned, ready to start my career, began to make a stand.

then after the national day to buy a notebook, domain name registration, 80 yuan to buy a 1G space on the Internet to find a ASP entertainment station program, changed some small functions, do a bit of landscaping, ask a friend to make a beautiful LOGO, add some of their own love novels, love to hear love music, several movies (of course is hotlinking, ha ha), upload some flash and funny game, my "wheat pig leisure network" on the line. Do not call entertainment network, is that the word is too popular entertainment, but the competition is estimated to others (at that time did not know what SEO is Dongdong).

because I did not want to make money before the station, only know that you can receive advertising fees, but do not know where to come from advertising. A friend said he was doing Google AdSense earn dollars, according to the user clicks on the ad billing, a click may be a few cents, it may be a few dollars. My shining eyes, thinking that if one click 1 yuan RMB, there are hundreds of hits that day, that I had made, even if only 100 times a day on that work much better than me, but also free.

registered Google AdSense with the help of a friend, about a week after the adoption of the audit. But a month later, less than 3 U.S. dollars, the heart of a cool pull cold……

this time my beauty consultant’s girlfriend also resigned, and decided to fight with me. We naively imagined a few months to do site tens of thousands of IP, into the pocket $brawl.

I actively update every day, efforts to promote. Girlfriend opened a shop in Taobao, often help me find entertainment news update. I heard that Baidu post bar to promote effective, that time I go to post a lot of Posts every day, and then bring their own site links. Such a day is about 1000IP, people tired, but still pitiful in advertising. So on the website of a few webmaster class learning SEO (also at that time began to contact Admin5, know the map king, but on Admin5 or not).

a few months after his girlfriend began to quarrel with me, she said I stand as my lover, every day to see the statistics of 51la at least 50 times, sometimes doing other things, suddenly could not help but ran to the front of the computer to see how IP, walk outside in the street suddenly nervous like to ask her: "you guess how many IP". She complained that the first thing I do every morning is to open the computer, the second thing is to see I>

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